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i apologize for my english, i wil try be clear

I want to know if is there an effective escort build for an engineering officer .

im very new to the game and i need to figure out wath my play stil will be.

i want do a very good dps and can take damage in PVP and STOF's (elite if posseble to have both )

I could take the tactical officer, but for some reason i want to try this w engineering.

i cheked this thread :, do u think is there a way i can adapt this?

ty in advance
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02-12-2012, 09:39 AM
Hi. Engineer captains do quite fine in escorts. I have one and love it.
Everything in that STF Escort Build Thread applies:
1. Use an escort, dual heavy cannons up front + 1 quantum torpedo, turrets in the back.
2. Make sure all your weapons are of the same energy type. Equip Tactical consoles that match this type.
3. Bridge Officer Skills are Tactical: Tactical Team 1 x2 (copies), Cannon: Scatter x2 and Torpedo: Spread x2. Attack Pattern Delta is also quite good. Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields x2 + Reverse Shield Polarity (if your ship has the slot). Science: Hazard Emitters, Transfer Shield Strength and Gravity Well (if your ship has the slot).

The biggest difference is that your captain lacks the burst damage potential of a Tactical captain, which means you need to play on your strengths. Nadion Inversion keeps your weapon power high, and is a good damage proxy-skill, since higher weapon power = more damage per shot. While Tac escort captains will run, you can afford to stick around and rely on Rotate Shield Frequency, Miracle Worker and Eng Fleet to keep your sustained damage going.

Hope that helps.
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02-12-2012, 12:49 PM
Thx Deodir,

thats wtt i wanted to know, the rest im gona figure out while i lvl up.


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