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So I defeated all of the enemies and the text says that I have completed all objective of the mission, but I still can't get it to finish.

The instruction is "Depart system" but there is no prompt letting me know I can beam back to the ship. If I manually beam back to the ship, I am transported out of the system, but there is a prompt telling me I have to "Continue: Burn" mission.

If I continue, it brings me back into the caves where there are no enemies left. As I move from the beginning of the map to the end, the info prompts come up telling me to chase the enemy leader, then stop them from completing the ritual. Again, no enemies remain and upon manually beaming out, I get the message: "All objective have been completed in this area."

On top of this, the NPC's had serious issues on this map. They were going nuts trying to find a path across the bridges even when no obstacles were in the way. It was nearly as bad as herding 1st graders to the bathroom. One NPC would jump off the bridge every time I ran the damned map and unlike the other npc's she did not re-materialize where we were, she just stayed down below, unconscious. The only way to get her back was to jump into the lava pits myself.
*End Edit*

Moving to the end of the map, I stand waiting with my away team for an acknowledgement that the mission can be finished, but no matter how long I stand there, nothing happens. I don't even get the message that I've been idle too long. I reported the bug, but I don't expect a response before the heat-death of the universe (or at least in time to help me resolve this without having to drag my butt through the whole damned mission again).

For the last two days now, I've had serious problems with lag and I wonder if this isn't part of the problem. On several missions I've died (in space) because I was getting pounded while my commands were being processed. I checked my internet connection and have excellent Up/Down/Latency statistics, so it's not my connection.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how I can solve the problem with the mission?

The game is getting hugely frustrating at this point and I'm really thinking of just writing off STO as a failed Cryptic project.

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