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I just finished the Coliseum mission and wanted the developers to know the good and the bad. I really do emphasize the good--this isn't a *****ing post--but the mission hints at the general direction the episodes are going in. Overall, I enjoyed it more than most and Cryptic is really taking these in the right direction, overall.

1. It may be a small detail, but when I entered the coliseum with Bat'leth in hand, I chuckled out loud when I heard the Amok Time music kick in. For the first time in two years, I really felt, well, STAR TREK. The game doesn't always, actually usually doesn't, have the Trek vibe and something as simple as music can do it. Especially music for a specific situation, like a duel, it can make all the difference. Well done.

2. The mix of skills required is keeping it more interesting. That is, solving problems via the task of fixing the satellite but also a healthy dose of combat. I feel like the game is evolving beyond the tired ENTER-KILL-CLICK GLOWIE-EXIT-GET REWARD routine. Keep it going.

3. Integrating choices and decisions that affect how the story unfolds is very much needed, as in choosing to help the Reman or not.

4. Replaying missions--we all have favorites and at admiral, I'm sick of Borg. I look forward to doing this one again and THANK YOU for making the rewards adjusted to my current level. The only suggestion I'd make is making ALL the replayable episodes offer adjusted rewards. Only a few give you the reward adjusted for your level and there's no reason why they all can't. No harm done.

Constructive Advice:

1. In the coliseum, I was looking forward to the mano-a-mano with the super sand worm. It was a HUGE anti-climax to be given a few blows before being required to activate the turrets to finish the job for me while I stood there and watched. Taking us out of the seminal moment of the battle is a huge disappointment. I am willing to work for it. Why take that from me? Make it hard but do-able.

2. Also a small detail, but as I approached the coliseum, I was hoping for roaring crowds a la Kirk's trial in STVI. It was a little disappointing in an empty coliseum and the atmosphere could have been amplified. Even making them cheer at each strike would add flavor.

3. Some of the problem-solving aspects of the missions, figuring out access codes, for example, are getting a bit confusing in this and other missions. I'm no mathematical genius, but I often don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing. Even when I succeed, I often don't know what I just did. These could be clearer.

4. This mission is pretty bugged, though others have had no problems (maybe it's just me). After exiting the sewer tunnel, the NPC wasn't with me. I relogged five times to no avail. At the end, one of the three components needed to hail my ship was not on the mission map.

In any case, Coliseum has both the good and improvable in where I see the game going. I hope this feedback is read and again, I really enjoyed the mission.

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