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07-11-2012, 11:53 AM
Hav ea look at the memory alpha article on v'ger in the talk section located here. Specifcally read theought hte section about gene roddenberry's quote.

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07-12-2012, 01:14 AM
I highly doubt it but also never did a mind meld with the creator of ST.

If the borg had come across vger...I also doubt they would have helped it. the would have assimiliated it for knowledge.

On the off chance it was so primitive and the Borg saw it as inferior and not worth note...kinda like the fede scientists that were 7 of 9's parents...why would the borg help it in any manner?

The Borg do not help others..or at least there is no precedance in them doing so from all my reading save one instance with the Undine and the Feds,

I really wish the devs had left Vger/Borg alone and not intertwined them.

Other supporting thoughts...Vger used pure energy to store.....it did not assimilate. If it had been improved by the Borg would it not resemble them in some fashion......perhaps assimilating ilea and Decker.....rather then turning him to pure energy.

One last thought...the borg strived to merge flesh with technology....Vger did this perfectly.....recreating it entirely perfectly......why would they return to an inferior form...aka assimilated beings with some cyber technology...

it all does not mesh well together.....
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07-12-2012, 01:55 AM
To clear up a couple of points for those curious about the shattnerverse V'Ger borg tie in.

bassiclly the borg that V'Ger encountered where in their pre-assaimillate everything in sight phase. In fact if my memmory serves they where a pure machine civilisation at that point. The times are a bit off with voyager, but i don;t think that episode was written then so he can't be blamed for that.

Overall the idea that V'Ger might have been thrown backwards in time, (black holes cuasing time travel was allready cannon at this point), is quiet resonable. So too is the idea that it might have encountered some early form of the borg before their assamilaition phase really got going. It's just a case of getting the dates to make sense.
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If Peter David didn't write that damned book there wouldn't have been such a desire to tie everything in with the Borg.
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I prefer the Destiny novels as the creation of the Borg, tbh I prefer the Destiny/Typhoon Pact storyline to the STO one, I think if they had followed the Style of the books where you choose a Alliance, then a faction and finally a species it would've been a much better game.

Did V'Ger discover the Borg planet? Possible yes, but I think it could've been another Machine species like those Automatic Units (Pralor?) from Voyager who were completely machine lifeforms.
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this is from ST Legacy....

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V'ger had no idea what biological life was. If it created or met the Borg, it would know that fact.

Face it, the borg's history is probably really boring. Humanoids going "hey, we add a few implants to help with this or that" and then "hey, let's connect directly to the internet via our brains" and then "hey, what about a single server to route all this data" and bam! Collective conscience.

Now that I type that...didn't SG1 have an episode kinda like that?

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