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Been playing for a little while and now have to make my first forum post as with all the dilithum flocking in spending C-Points starts to get really tempting.

Right now after fails on cruisers and the Vo'quv for my Tac Klingon I really started to love my Qin Raptor.
Beeing stuffed with Mk XII gear (4x DHC, 3x Turrets, 3 pieces Borg Set and KHG Mk XII shield) most enemies in PVE hardly can even shoot back before their ships crumble. And my weapon power hardly falls below 80 in all situations Still experimenting with Shields/Engi/Deflector
Elite STFs have become no challange at all, if my team does not only consist of tribble huggers....
Havent' done a lot of PVP though.

Would be thankful for your opinion on my thoughts:
  • The Bio-Neutral in rear for a point-defense and extra bang against structures, tac-cubes and pesky feds on my aft
  • Would the Guramba be a good choice - could only test the new Bortas on tribble and they really are NOT my style
  • Or should I even get a B'Rel Refit and go from all cannon to all (quickfire) torps and extra bang, as I do have a full MkXII KHG set in spare

Down point on BoPs is the hit and run and on cruisers the "broadside and wait untill somebody dies of old age".

Maybe some guy more experienced has some advice to enhance my playstyle and fun before I think about joining a fleet.
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03-20-2012, 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by mohgbal
if my team does not only consist of tribble huggers....
Hugging a Triolic tribble gives you a 3% damage resist buff at the cost of a device slot. Is that really so wrong? :p
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03-20-2012, 04:31 PM
I do not have a Guramba, but I want one.

You give up the cloaking device and you get a Fleet Escort that can transform and deploy a special weapon. I'm told they are fantastically effective in Elite STF as a lot of the time your fighting structures and don't need maneuverability. The only thing is I don't know anything about the cooldown, when it can be used etc.

And from what I've seen the Transformation looks quite cool.

As to your point about the B'Rel again I don't have it but I want it as a Torpedo boat. 14k range on the Bio-Neural from what I heard.

And finally your better off attacking a cruiser from the rear or forward arc to avoid the complete set of beams.
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03-20-2012, 10:45 PM
The B'rel is fun, if squishy. I can't bring myself to use a Vo'quv because it's fun to zoom around in the B'rel. It is a very different kind of game to play while in Enhanced Battle Cloak... IMO, completely worth having if you are a BoP fan. I just love BoPs, and it's hard to use other ships even if they are more powerful, mainly because of the Battle Cloak. Even if you are on your own, it feels like the right thing in a B'rel. It might be a waste with more potent Tactical abilities, though.

I wish there were intermediate options for Sci ships that are Klingon designs between the Vo'quv and the BoPs. I just can't bring myself to use Gorn or Nausicaan stuff...

Heck, I wish there were more KDF options for ships, period. I almost want to go back to Starfleet to mess around with different ships from the C store. Give me more KDF content! For Klingons! A Qin refit and high-end Cruisers besides the Bortasqu would be appreciated.
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03-22-2012, 12:10 AM
B'rel is a lot of fun. With just fun in mind you should be okat buying this. It's great. Some people I think just try too hard and make this B'rel an all torpedo bird of prey which I don't think would work very well. Sure you can one pass kill a human opponent with the righjt setup but look at the cooldown of some of the torpedoes used. It would make the B'rel unplayable for PvE. I prefer a balanced approach to things. I myself go with a single torpedo(photon) and 3 dual heavy cannons forward. Decloak, some buffs chained and then I go PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW for about 6-15 seconds and whatever the target was it is history. Of course with the exception of some demonic Odyssey likely the full set Odyssey. For that I decloak chained my buff abilities and then go PEW PEW PEW PEW forever and I was history. In one instance there were two of us bird of prey against that possessed Odyssey we couldn't still touch him

Guramba in the right hand can be quite invincible/indestructible.

The complete set of Bortasqu based on command cruiser Bortasqu is also fun but costly :p
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03-22-2012, 12:57 AM
I <3 Guramba Siege Destroyer!

After asking several people that have the Siege Destroyer what their builds were and reading the infinite power ( thread I have this:

My build:

Weapons Fore:
1 DHC Disruptor mk12 Borg
2 Quantum mk12 borg
1 Quad Disruptor cannons or another Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons.

Weapons Aft:
3 Disruptor turrets mk12 borg

Deflector: Borg Deflector or Honor Guard
Impulse: Borg Engine or Honor Guard
Shield: Honor Guard

Engineering Consoles: RCS (or Plasmonic Leech Console), Eps flow regulator, assimilated module
Science: 2 Field Generators (They stack really well since update. Bug but having 15k shields is awesome)
Tactical: 3x Disruptor induction coil 26% or 28%; 1 zero point quantum chamber 26% or 28%

(You can get 28% versions of these from exchange, but for disruptors its 12million, and quantums 6million. Pricing has actually been up and down saw Disruptors mk11 purple for 5.6million the other day.)

Now Different Builds is mainly different tac officers.

First set of Tac is good for pve and pvp:

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;high yield 3; Cannon rapid fire 3
Lt. Commander Tac: tactical team1; torp spread 2; atp Omega or beta
Lt. Engineering: EPtS, Reverse Shield polarity 1
Ensign Engineering: Emergency power to shields 1 (EPtS)
Lt. Science: hazard emitters 1; polarize hull

This build increases survivability in pvp due to the two tactical teams. I've been able to go 1v4 in Kerrat against Federation VAs.
(Only lost once in a 1v1 with this build. The federation had the voyager ship with the armor, and a whole lot of tricks. We battle it out for 4 mins, before I couldn't do anything and died.)

PVE build difference is just tac officers:

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;scatter volley 2; ATP Beta 3
Lt. Commander Tac: Torpedo spread1; torp spread 2; ATP Beta 2

This second build is for dealing large amounts of damage to multiple targets consistantly. You activate ATP Beta 3, SCV2, and TS2 first and fire. Then you do ATP beta 2, SCV 1, and TS1 second. If you want to be a Savior for Cure Elite STF then this is it. I'm able to handle all birds from all 3 lanes by myself, and usually 1 and half of the raptor lanes. Negs aren't a problem. I've had to defend against raptors when my team killed one cube without touching the nanite probes on the others. So fighting raptors for several minutes is intense but possible with this build. Done this a few times. People just love me for it, because I've yet to lose a cure elite with this.)

Doffs for each build:
Get three purple torpedo doffs (I have 3 six of six which is 40edc each.)
The other two is your preference, but I have shield distribution blue quality (until I get purple.) Then I have technician-space which recharges time on bridge officer abilities.

Good build that I took some ideas from. I got the quad cannons from another ship Ning'Tao Class. DHCs may give more dps...

The Guramba is a Ferrai among ships!

Power levels: current 65 55 50 30
Not sure about these but I've been playing around.

Hope this helps!

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