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Arrow keys are the only thing you can use to adjust the waveform when scanning anomalies. I could not figure out how to do this the first 5 or so times I tried. It wasn't doing anything. The problem is it wasn't using the mapping movements (front, back, left right) which is what I had expected. It must use the arrow keys. Okay, well here's another problem:

You can map the arrow keys to be tray items, and then when you scan an anomaly in space you activate whatever is mapped to that key.

We need the "anomaly waveform screen" (whatever you call it) to trap all OTHER functions and prevent other actions being taken. That way you don't waste your "emergency power to sheilds" or whatever.

I'm also finding other problems with the shooter mode where you get similar problems. I would much rather be able to map the keys to my tray just like the normal mode. Instead, anytime I hit anything it seems to activate 3 items at once in my tray. It's very wasteful and I can't see WHY there's an entirely different mode. It would be nice to change the viewpoint/aiming but keep everything else (the mapping, etc) because that would allow seamless transitions between shooter mode and normal mode.

As it is now, it's annoying to use shooter mode. I think it has a lot of potential but I find myself eschewing it in favor of the better 3rd person mode.

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