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# 1 Seeking advice on Galor Build
02-12-2012, 07:06 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm seeking advice on improving my Galor's build as more of less of a beam boat. I've been around the game a while, but still am pretty clueless on building the best ship. I'm going to post what I'm running with below and appreciate feedback you can provide to help make my ship a more effective one. Be gentle.

Fore Weapons: 2 Spiral Wave Disruptor [Acc]x2, Disruptor Beam Array Mk X [Acc] [CrtD] [CrtH], Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk X [CrtD] [CrtH] [Borg]
Aft Weapons: 2 Spiral Wave Disruptor [Acc]x2, Disruptor Beam Array Mk X [CrtD] [CrtH]x2, Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Dmg]
Shields, Engines, Deflector: Aegis set
Devices: Engine Battery, Weapon Battery, Aux Battery, Red Matter Capacitor
Eng Consoles: 3x EPS Flow Regulator Mk X (65% power transfer rate per console), 1 SIF Generator Mk XI (+16 starship hull repair)
Sci Consoles: Transwarp Computer, Anti-Matter Spread
Tac Consoles: Zero Point Quantum Chamber MK X (26%), 2x Disruptor Induction Coil Mk X (22% each)

Bridge Officers:

Cmdr Eng: EPS1, ET2, DEM II, Aceton 3
Lt. Cmdr Tac: FAW 1, HTY2, BO3
Lt. Eng: EPW1, DEM1
Lt. Sci: JS1, HE2
En Sci: ST1
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# 2
02-12-2012, 11:00 AM
No-ones really flown the build to give any advice?

You might want to wait a few weeks for that

But right off the bat are you really confident enough running only 1x EPtS?

Also you have no damage resistance consoles equipped so doubt whether the SIF generator will be of much use.

Your build is entirely focused on offensive powers, with none geared towards defense. Finding the right balance for a cruiser, usually leans more towards defence.

Here's what I would go for:

Eng Consoles: 1x Plasma Distribution Manifold (+3.2 - +3.5 weapon power), 1x Ablative Armour (+32 -+35 Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Tetryon Damage Resistance), 1x Tetraburnium Hull Armor (+32 - +35 Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron, Antiproton Damage Resistance)

Sci Consoles: Emitter Array, Anti-Matter Spread

Tac Consoles: Directed Energy Distribution Manifold, 2x Disruptor Induction Coil Mk X

Bridge Officers:

Cmdr Eng: EptS1, ENG2 , EptS3, EWP III
Lt. Cmdr Tac: BO 1, HTY2, FAW III
Lt. Eng: EpTE1, DEM1
Lt. Sci: HE1, TSS II
En Sci: ST1
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# 3
02-14-2012, 07:26 AM
Three EPS consoles is excessive. Its debatable whether a second one serves any purpose, but a third is definitely less valuable than other consoles you could put in that slot. An RCS console can build on the Galor's already higher turn rate to make your Quantums and HYT2 even more effective. As mentioned above, resist consoles can also be valuable. I'd also do the assimilated mission and use the borg assimilated console you get from that mission in one of your engineering slots for a significant tactical boost.

In the science slots, ditch the transwarp computer and replace it with a field generator as soon as you can afford to get one. Just keep the transwarp computer in inventory and you can slot it when you actually need to transwarp somewhere. You should also have a power insulator handy in case you end up facing a power draining setup.

Get another disruptor console and experiment with replacing the quantum torp console. You may find you're more effective with the three disruptor consoles, leaving torp buffing to the HYT2.

For your Boff powers, I'd replace the ET2 with RSP since you already have HE2, and I'd replace EPtW with a second EPtS since you're already getting a decent weapons power boost from the ship.

My suggestions would make you more of a shield tanker, but with the Galor's reduced hull that may be the way to go.

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