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  • The logout timer for being idle has been increased to 60 minutes.
  • The FX for the Fed Elite expose proc have been toned down.
    • NanoEnergy Cell crafting has been enabled for KDF.
    • This fix is retroactive: If you have already earned the accolade to unlock these, the recipes will appear.
      • You do not have to re-earn the accolade.
  • The water in Starfleet Academy has had splashiness added.
  • Updated the icon for DS9 Costume Pack so it now matches other packs that you have to open manually.
  • The icon for Duty Officer packs received through lock boxes now matches the icon from the C-Store booster pack.

Duty Officers:
  • Fixed typo in DS9 special commodities referring to Gamma sector rather than Gamma Quadrant.
  • Adjusted DS9 special commodity assignment distribution to make fewer appear.
  • Made some Latinum assignments rarer.
  • Increased bias in star clusters significantly in favor of Colonial chain assignments.
  • Reduced Energy Credit cost for some overpriced assignments.
  • Fixed inconsistency between KDF and Fed Resettle Colonist numeric rewards.
  • Increased frequency of other species to appear as Refugees and Prisoners.
  • Establish Military Base assignment moved from Rare to Uncommon, with appropriate adjustment in rewards.
  • Increased frequency of assignments granting Klingon bridge officers.
  • Fixed Gather Information on Rival House assignments where second slot was not properly considering traits.
  • Increased proc chance of Diagnostic Engineer active roster abilities occuring.
  • Increased duration and effectiveness of Hazard Systems Engineer active roster ability.
  • Fixed Conn and Warp Theorist active roster duty officer powers; these should now work properly.
  • Maintenance Engineer now applies to Engineering Team, scales to an 8 sec reduction with a Purple duty officer, and also applies a buff to Starship Hull Repair when activated. Different versions will be added soon for Science Team and Tactical Team on different specializations.
  • Assignment Bribe Federation Transit Controller will now properly show up only in Federation territory.
  • Corrected text for KDF Saboteur Tier III Espionage accolade.
    • There are continuing reports of similar issues on the Federation side, but this is requiring some time to track down properly.
  • Increased critical chance for repeatable Support Colonial chain assignments.
    • This is intended to operate in tandem with the increase in rarity of these assignments.
  • Increased the Disable time when using the Magnometric Overload console.
  • Regenerated duty officers to compensate for extensive name duplication issues.
    • Non-handcrafted duty officers, for example, most duty officers from packs, may have their name and/or portrait changed.
  • Increased some incorrectly small critical Dilithium rewards in several places.
  • Second Wave Feature Series duty officer assignments:
    • No longer take up an assignment slot
    • Now use updated outcome rigging
    • Now take advantage of specialization selections for the success outcome
    • Increased rewards
    • Correctly require two duty officers to start
    • Adjusted some slot requirements
  • Corrected some typos with the new rare commodity assignments.
  • Changed the new DS9 special commodities to display as rare/blue.
    • This is a cosmetic change only; no functionality has been altered with this change.
  • Haggle Duty Officer assignments:
    • Shortened assignment lockout times
    • Increased rewards, particularly commodities on critical rewards
  • Added new assignment that uses prototype plans.
  • Added new assignments rewarding Orion (Fed) and Vulcan (KDF) Entertainer Hologram duty officers.
  • Resolved an issue with Commendation XP boosts not being bankable.
  • Resolved an issue with Energy Signature Inversion text descriptions.
  • Altered Mobility Shield duty officer assignment availability to be shipboard.
  • Revised text for Tactical Hologram duty officer assignment to make more sensible.
  • Clarified text for duty officer inventory increase slots to make more clear is character-unlocks.
  • Development Scientist duty officers now have an active roster space power.
    • This is the Science version of the Maintenance active roster power, but for Science Team rather than Engineering Team.
  • Added a Conn variant active roster power.
    • This is the Tactical version of the Maintenance active roster power, but for Tactical Team rather than Engineering Team.

  • Feedback Pulse has been updated so the damage this power deals is now in-line with the original design.
  • Gravity Well updates:
    • The radius of this ability can now be improved by the player's Graviton Generators skill.
      • Because of this improvement, the base radius of each rank has been slightly decreased.
      • The max radius achieved through skill bonuses is still significantly higher than previously available.
  • NPC Cardassian ships now have spiral wave disruptors.
  • Photonic Displacement has been updated so it can be placed on any ship.
  • Plasma-disruptor hybrid heavy dual cannons and beam arrays have been updated.
    • The cannons now inflict disruptor damage.
    • The Cannons can now proc the disruptor debuff.
    • The beams can now proc the plasma debuff.
    • Adjusted the accuracy and damage bonus.
  • Updated space weapons to resolve issues with accuracy not correctly applying.
  • Improved the Bortas Cloaking Device.
  • Updated the tooltips for Reverse Shield Polarity to reflect correct durations.
  • Updated Photonic Displacement:
    • It accurately makes a duplicate of your ship when activated.
    • Can now also be used on any ship.
    • Photonic Displacement is not available if your ship is in any type of modification mode like Saucer Separation or Multi-Vector Assault Mode.

  • Updated the skill point boost tooltip to indicate that it contributes towards Bridge Officer Skill Points at level cap.
  • Removed the white box icon that appeared in the rewards window when receiving a title.
  • The Duty Officer button will now stop flashing after you visit the Completed Assignments section, rather than after turning in completed assignments.
  • The new ship popup window has been updated to show the same stats that the Ship Store does.
  • Made some performance improvements to the space HUD.
  • Resolved an issue where STF events didnít show on calendar for some players.
  • Double clicking a SP/CXP boost will now automatically use it.
  • Re-added right-click functionality to Duty Officer and Bridge Officer Commissions.
  • The Starfleet Rewards window has been updated to report correct skill point requirements.

Known Issues:
  • When changing your shipís bridge to the Belfast (Defiant), the interior name may appear wrong.
    • This is only a UI bug and does not affect bridges.
    • Open bridge selection, then open Layout selection to fix this.
  • In the tailor, the Vedek Hood does not have C-Point icon next to it.
  • Photonic Displacement Console:
    • Escape pods on ships are not darkened when using the ability.
    • Deep Space Science Vessel photonic ship is spawned when using the ability with a Science Vessel or Science Vessel Refit
    • The ability can be activated while Saucer Seperation is also active.

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