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# 1 Encounters in Sector Space
02-14-2012, 09:26 AM

A friend and I were recently zipping around sector space, urgently searching for Klingon encounters. Eventually, after tracking down about half a dozen of those giant, floating, red gasballs, we gave up and went about doing something else. Every time we entered a new encounter, the mission had already been completed by some other jerks. We'd pop out of warp and be greeted with "GOOD JOB SIR, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" or something similar, and then, after begrudgingly returning to sector space, unsatisfied, we'd usually end up in different instances of the sector. Switching instances then shot us back to the ENTRANCE OF THE ZONE. We wasted literally almost half an hour just searching for a single, unfinished encounter.

You understand my frustration, yes? :p

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