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02-20-2012, 04:04 PM
Graviton pulse is excellent for slowing or possibly (20% chance) stopping your target, especially works good in conjunction with Gravity well.
Isometric charge is kinda situational, great vs groups of bad guys, kinda ineffective vs single targets, can be devestating to smaller or damaged targets.
Theata radiation is frikkin awesome, bring em to a stop, blind em and sucks their shields to nothing.
A BoP especially can spin circles of it around mutiple ships using it quite easily.
Aceton assimilator is another good power drain and it's short cooldown make multiple deployments easy.
Very effective in the STFs to place in the paths of spawning bad guys, get a few out there and it can shut down multiple systems due to loss of power and make them easy kills.
The jump console is a great one for keeping substained fire on a target, just like Roach said, you can over shoot your target by quite a bit, then, BAM, you're right behind them again filling em full of holes...
And don't forget the Plasmatic Leech console...that's almost a must have for KDF ships.
Lt. Commander
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# 12
02-24-2012, 05:16 AM
The Jump Console is great, but situational. It can turn the tide in a fight, but how often it does so is questionable. People usually pass over it for other consoles that have a wider range of use. But here are a few suggestions for it.

Vs. Escort: Against an escort, Klingons usually get the drop first, but there comes a point where you're both facing each other and unloading damage. The Jump console allows you to reset your advantage and appear right behind them (within tractor beam rage, notably). Not only are you once again out of their firing arc, but your advantage is far improved.

Vs. Cruisers: Most of the time you don't need this, but even the best of us have been stuck in Warp Plasma only to have the cruiser leave our firing arc. Use the jump console to remedy this while your steering isn't working. Also, it allows for extended alpha strikes (as noted previously) against harder to kill targets without compromising your defense rating.

Vs. Science: Most notably, this is your "get out of Gravity Well III free" card. Find a ship far enough away and blink yourself out of the trouble spot.

Vs. Donatra's Scimitar: You can pump out a lot of damage while she's using her massive pulse weapon after decloaking, as she's not shooting otherwise or moving. As soon as she reappears, jump right behind her and unload everything you have. By the time she finishes and spins back at you, you should find you've dealt a massive blow to her.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-26-2012, 09:30 AM
The jumper is also great for when you target is trying to escape. I was in kerrat the other night and this SCI ship kept trying to flush me out so I found her alone and proceeded to try and vaporize it and the sucker ran away as soon as they had exhausted their shield buffs. I used the jumper and was 3km behind, dropped a Plasma spread on a shieldless opponent and wrapped things up with cannons and mines. I also like to use it to drop in behind ships that are fighting cubes as they are usually focusing their shields forward.

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