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I just got to level 50 yesterday (yay!) and I'm preparing to outfit my odyssey and I was wondering what the best set would be. Right now I'm considering M.A.C.O or Aegis sets and I was wondering which would be beater taking in to account that I always have very little power in engines the final version of my ship will have 8x anti protons beams btw. I was also wondering what the rewards on the STF's are, do they give a borg salvage every time you complete, there for letting me get 1x weapon per day or do they have only a chance to drop? and if any one can link to a crafting guide I'd rally appreciate it . Thanks
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02-15-2012, 12:50 PM
You'll almost always get at least one green drop, blues are harder to come by, purples are rare and the drop that allows you to buy the XII sets are even rarer still. I think there are some threads around here that can give you a more statistical rate of drops.

One one character (i've run about 70+ STF's on Elite, space and ground) I've accumulated about 70 of those green drops and about 11 blues. If I had to quantify my purple drops (I've spent em all) id say had about ten of those so far and two of the XII Borg set drops.
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02-15-2012, 01:04 PM
So even on elite your not going to get a 100% chance on prototype borg salvage?
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02-15-2012, 01:10 PM
Nope, though I've found the standard requisition prototype salvage is reasonably common - I filled my weapon slots with mk XIIs in a couple days. The set pieces, though... yeah, have fun with that.

As for your question about the sets: The MACO shield is very good. Its passive resistances rival the Aegis set's 3 piece bonus, at least for fighting Borg - you get effectively 35% plasma reduction (20% plasma resist, 10% all energy resist, and 5% negation from being a resilient shield), compared to 30% with a fully stacked Aegis bonus. You also end up getting 15% off the Borg's antiproton cutting beam, the Aegis set ends up being less help there since it's not a constant attack and your Aegis stack falls off.

It has lower capacity and you lose a bit of shield power, but it's still a very good shield now that it's not bugged and giving 90% resistance to everything.

The MACO shield with the other three pieces of the Borg set is a popular combo.
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02-15-2012, 01:57 PM
I apologise in advance if this sounds contrite or contrary at all, I don't mean it to, this is just my view on endgame.

My main has been a VA for about 6 months, and just last weekend I finally got my first set of Borg engines. That's right, I have successfully completed the re-worked space STFs about five times. Not once before F2P did I fall in with a group that could finish the ground missions, despite being thanked personally by group leaders for my coordination and tenacity. So because the all-in-one STFs were meaningless without success, I stopped giving a crap about them. The Borg gear wasn't that amazing to begin with. It simply wasn't worth my time. I think Gozer has done a great job making them more rewarding to play.

Now that I'm in a fairly active fleet with more than 6 people online at once, I'm looking forward to more fleety STFs and get some serious loot. Definitely the MACO and other cosmetic stuff. Not going to grind out any Borg DOFFs, I wouldn't think.

This however is for all the Pick Up Group (PUG) STF runners, which is how most seem to go, now that there's an E-Z Queue:
Just because you have done all of the STFs dozens of times, that doesn't mean you can just expect things to go right without communication. If the first thing in the team chat is "you guys can't handle probes?" right after the mission fails, the answer you should hear inside your head is "guess not, why didn't you?"

I know STFs are a faint shadow of what MMO raids can be, but don't expect miracles on autopilot. Let's work together to get some loot.
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02-15-2012, 02:33 PM
I'm not going to use borg because I really don't like the look which is the main reason I didn't list it to begin with.

I'm still basically undecided but there's a chance I can get aegis easly so I might go with that.
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02-15-2012, 03:24 PM
If I was you I would go for Aegis since I'm a firm believer that cruisers should mount covariants. MACO is more for escorts imo. I'm using 3 borg pieces and Omega XII shields on my toon (tactical - raptor). I've done 80 runs and have all 8 weapons in mk XII and have the klingon honour guard set on mk XI just because the "tickets" for that dropped. More or less the drops are fine except the prototype mk XII drops which you can obtain only on elite and they drop to rarely. GL on fitting your ship.
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02-15-2012, 03:44 PM
Aegis it is then, I really like the look to. I'm an engineering caption btw. So getting the vouchers for 8x antiproton beams is going to be really hard? ugh...

Whats the best way of getting uncommon MK XII consuls? any one know?
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02-15-2012, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by junkknight
I'm not going to use borg because I really don't like the look which is the main reason I didn't list it to begin with...
Once you load the Borg gear onto your ship you can right-click on the piece of equipment and check: Disable Visuals. Then you won't see the "Borg FX" on your ship. Likewise with the Aegis if you don't want your ship to look like it's from Tron. The other sets have similar Disable functions. In all cases you can disable any part or all of the sets.

As for your other questions: The "Retro" Assimilated Borg set is still one of the best sets in the game. You get three pieces from the STFs using 15 EDC (5 for each piece Shield, Engine, Deflector), and a fourth piece (Universal Console) comes from the non-STF single-player standard mission: Assimlation (which is listed as being a part of the Undine Front) and is a guaranteed reward for playing through that once.

Aegis is good and better than no set at all, but of the two, I like (Retro) Borg best. Some people like to do a hybrid of the two (two Aegis, two Borg), but I never liked that config.

As for the MACO set, I worked up the necessary 120 EDC for that whole Mk XI set. I was very disappointed. So much so that I went back to my Borg set.

I'm currently using the Borg set with a MACO Mk XII shield and I'm quite pleased. Hevach description above stands. The MACO shield is nice for defense (and has a nice power boost, too), even if the full set is lacking. I'm working towards the Omega set which is what I should have spent my EDC on to begin with since I got the Mk XII MACO shield in a single lucky Prototype Shield Tech drop. I'm told by Fleetmates that the Tetryon Glider on it rocks for melting away shields.

As for your other questions, you get 1 or 2 EDC each STF you run, guaranteed. 1 for Normal, 2 for Elite. Please run some Normals and get good at it before trying Elite (and/or go on Elite with your own teams/friends). On Wednesdays one STF is featured and you'll get double rewards (ie today any Infected run, ground or space will give you 2 or 4 EDCs). EDCs can also drop randomly from killing critters and completing Optionals.

The following can also drop randomly from critters, be in Optional loot bags, and/or be in your End-Mission bag. None of these are guaranteed:

Rare & Prototype Borg Salvage (for Mk X-XI and Mk XII respectively, but can not be used for Sets), Common, Rare, and Prototype >Device< Tech (Mk X, XI, XII Set Gear).

I've done 140 total STF runs in Season 5 (mix of Ground, Space, Normal, and Elite). Combined I've won/earned:
228x EDC
40x Rare Borg Salvage
18x Prototype Borg Salvage
1x Rare Borg Def Tech
1x Rare Borg Shield Tech
1x Rare Borg PSG Tech
1x Rare Borg Armor Tech
1x Prototype Borg Shield Tech
1x Prototype Borg Armor Tech
You can figure the drop rates as you like from there. I'm told I've been very lucky.

You might also find this link useful:
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02-15-2012, 04:05 PM
The borg engine is very good and I consider it second to only the maco for me in combat as an escort. I still keep it in my inventory for running tour the galaxy because of its higher warp factor(highest in the game I think). Plus it is dirt cheap for the benefit. The weak link of the borg set is the shield. The deflector usefulness is dependent on your BOff skills. If you load a deflector that adds bonus to powers you don't are just wasting space. Unique visuals for all pieces (borg or otherwise) that add them can be turned off by right clicking the console when equipped and selecting turn off visuals. The top elite level maco set is still out of my reach as I have never received the necessary drops. The veteran level set works very well and can be achieved with data chips and drops much easier. Prototype salvage does come but it is very rare(I hate saying that) and will take grinding. Still I recommend actually reading the descriptions of all the items you want to get...most of the time the bumps you get from 1 level up are not a lot.

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