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Here's a wish: Allow higher ranks to choose lower ships for the aesthetics without sacrificing ability... or at least without sacrificing too much.

How about once you get past Captain in rank (meaning you're lower admiral and higher) you can take any ship ranked Captain or less and do the following:

On CAPTAIN level ships:
Add 1 console
Add 1 BOFF of rank 3 status (since many older ships will have rank 1 slots)
Increase Device slots to 4.

On COMMANDER level ships:
Add 2 consoles (universal or you pick)
Add 3 BOFF of rank 2 status
Increase Device slots to 4.

On LT. COMMANDER level ships:
Add 3 consoles (universal or you pick)
Add 3 BOFF of rank 3 status.
Increase Device slots to 4.

Here's what I'm thinking: The weaker older ships still have their own limited hull, manuverability, hardpoints, etc... But you can update them with more powerful weapons, consoles, BOFFs, etc.

However, you have to PAY for each of the 3 options for each older ship. You need to be able to fork over the Dilithium for it. It should be pricey, but not prohibitively so. Perhaps the price of an admiral level ship for all 3 upgrades combined. In short you're buying a new ship, it just looks like your previous one.

That way functionally speaking you can still take on the Borg and the Jem Hedar but you can do it in style! Admirals should get this kind of lee-way, no? They should get to choose their own ship, and refit it if older, no?

The way I thought it out should keep it from being abused too badly, but naturally take it as fodder and roll with it.

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