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Hello there,

I was on DS9 Zone chat the other day and along with our usual tribble discussions there was a lot of talk on the new FEs which are great.

Some players and I thought that the Jem'Hadar armour could use a colour-customisation option rather than the class-dependent colour scheme now.

The reason being, the Science characters have a silver-blue breastplate and the mirror-finish looks awesome. On the other hand the golden Engineering and red Tactical looks too DC Comics / Power Rangers. It's the same Jem'Hadar armour visualisation but the colours make all the difference.

Just thought to see if there 's any interest in making armour pieces customisable instead of on/off. I would like, for instance, to have an outfit with 'half plate'. And yes, not having armour in gold. It looks a bit too Roman.

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