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For some strange reason my girlfriend cannot log-into the game on her account after I've been playing. If I've been playing the game and then log-out to the main screen (one with the username + password box) she enters her details, chooses PWE account and hits log-in. The game then tells her that the username and/or password is wrong and returns her to the main screen. The thing is, It isn't wrong though, we've both checked, double-checked and triple-checked and we're 100% certain that we're entering the correct details.

The strange thing is, if I quit the game and restart it she can log-in in just fine.

Also, I don't know why, but she can't post on these forums either. It says she doesn't have the right permissions to create or reply to a thread on here. She can log in fine, as it shows her name up there in the top-right, but whenever she tries to do something it says her account doesn't have enough privileges.
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02-17-2012, 03:07 PM
As far as her accessing the forum. if she is a silver player she can only access this section for posting until she meets certain requirements.

as far as the login if I unserstand right you play the game then exit to the login screen , then she tries to login and can not. If you exit the game completely where she logs in at the launcher window she can log in.

My understanding from previous discussion /post with devs on game security is that the launcher sends the game client a login token based on your username and password at the launcher window. That is why normally you can not login by just running the gameclient.

this token may be what is preventing her from login in when you just exit to the login screen as the token created on your username is still being used by the gameclient.

I can not be sure this is the case. likely you will have to open a ticket with support to get the correct answer.

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