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02-22-2012, 10:41 AM
So now I am using quantum torpedos and phaser beam arrays (might change energy types, maybe tetryon, not sure yet), seems to be working so far.

I rejiggered my science boffs just a bit, now have Tykens rift II and Gravity Well II (a bit shortsighted when I did my skill ups, so only have 5 points in graviton generators), seeing how well that works, less power drains, but more kinetic damage. The officer with photonic officer has tykens rift 3 just in case. I also have a third officer with polarize hull I, hazard emmiters II, Charged particle burst II and Viral matrix III. I have swapped it out for the officer with photonic officer because I want to see how good the shield drain is.

I also grabbed a nebula for myself. Any thoughts on using one of those?
I might replace one of my science team I slots with hazard emmiters I. I was using an engi in the universial, so, while I had some hull repair, I didn't have anything to put out fires.

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