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Lt. Commander
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I know, Cryptic once said, there will be no fan made ships in the game. So this thread is not about ships you want to see in the game. But perhaps...with the next contest...nobody knows...
But I'm quite sure, some of you have yet tried to create you own ships.
Now here is the place to present them.
No matter if drawings, painting, renderings or 3d-models, perhaps photos from a pvc-model.
Show what you have got.

I have a little collection of drawings, but its still in one of these boxes you use when moving from one place to another and I haven't found them yet. But inspired from the Odyssey I'm working on a new drawing, showing a science vessel in that awesome new "very next generation" spaceship design like th Enterprise-F. It's a long range science vessel to explore the space beyond romulan, klingon or cardassian space (if a fly through is allowed by their goverments).

So what you see at the links below are the first ideas and concepts/concept arts for saucer, hull, etc using the new "split saucer pylon" design.
When I saw the Odessey for the first time and read about the split pylon, i thought: 2 pylons for the warp engine, 2 for the saucer...why not put them together?
So this is the first - I admit very awful - concept I have made for this.

After that, I went a little more into detail, I don't like a simple round saucer.
Still much to do.

More coming soon.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 3
02-17-2012, 12:56 PM
lets see. I don't usually end up doing that many new ships, mainly other stuff.

Here was going to be my submission for the new Ent-F competition, but I didn't finish it in time.

not a new ship, but here is a Nova MSD I made; it's normally in the old yellow LCARS style, but I uploaded the STO-Blue one instead:

A Warp Skif (basically a small runabout):

The beginings of an MSD for another ship:

A Hallway:

And another non-ship item; a collection of uniforms:
Lt. Commander
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02-19-2012, 03:14 AM
Okay, first of all, I went a little further into detail for the saucer.
Still just concept, but shape/form is pretty final for me.

Followed by a buttom view, showing scaucer, nacelles and both pylon pairs (rear/second hull to nacelles and rear/second hull to saucer) beeing connected to a pair of bows, connected at the buttom of second hull, but in fact the second hull is yet missing.

Last scaned picture show a possible view from the front, but the pylons between saucer and second hull are to long, creating a large gap between saucer and second hull seen from the front, so that has to be optimized.

As I said, this shall be a long range science vessel, now you see, one of its features are two deflectors, one at front of secondary hull as its common now, one at the very front at the saucer as it is seen at the NX-01. In fact, I thought of a divided deflector a second hull. You can see this at both last links in this and in the start post.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-19-2012, 03:47 AM
First, I am not a 3D artist so, everything is a little bit rough and made by "try and error" method
Here is my "Perun Class" starhsip:


and video:


Screenshots and video are from "Bridge Commander".

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