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Greetings, I've been feeding out ideas between a couple of MMO's recently and they've been somewhat heard and implimented, and I feel I have a great suggestion for those captains who are feeling penalized for flying a ship that isn't entirely designed for their class. Currently a Tactical Officer would beel baffled to be flying a Cruiser as he would lose a tremendous amount of DPS instead of flying an escort. A science char would lose some benefits when flying an Escort and vice Versa. Here I will suggest an example for a Captain's passive ability that would be considerable to impliment to help players attune for different playstyles.
This method can even be added via Doff System.

Tactical Captain
Cruiser Class:
Secondary Firing - X% chance to hit a ship with a basic beam attack from one of your Beam Weapon Slots when the target deals Energy Weapon Damage.
Here a ship is being hit from multiple vectors and flanked, this can free up Fire at Will for a Target Subsystem or overload

Science Class:
Targetting Scanners - Increases the Critical Hit Chance of your Weapons by X%.
Losing Attack Pattern Omega or another skill of a higher tier is a huge loss to DPS, a passive crit chance would make up for it

Engineering Captain
Escort Class:
Reroute Engine Power to Structural Integrity - Your Engine Power setting reduces Kinetic and Energy weapon damage by X% done to your hull.
An escort today has very little survival class and doesn't need alot of speed in it's DPS. This will make the Engine Power setting a bit more effective, this method was used in the Defiant Class Flaws.

Science Class:
Operations Team - Increases the effectiveness of your science and Engineering abilities by X, and when you are a victim of a Critical Hit, your Defense Increases by %x for X seconds.
Scientists and Engineers both utilize so much together, without either, neither would function. This would grant some survivability and untility Buff

Science Captain
Escort Class:
Close Quarters - When your ship takes damage from Torpedos or Mines while within 3 KM of your target, your defense is increased by X% for 3seconds against that target.
Escorts are agile and able to dodge alot of attacks when they are under alot of issues (See Defiant vs Negh'Var

Cruiser Class:
Multi-Adaptive Shielding - When taking energy damage to the shields, you gain a stacking bonus resistance to that damage type for X Seconds, Stacking up to 10 times.
Inspired by Borg Technology, for adapting to Shield Frequencies, with the mix of a scientific mind and the facilities and power of a Crusier, this can be made possible

Tell me what you think

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