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# 1 About Me (RP)
02-16-2012, 04:45 PM
I was born on stardate 27758.3 in Cambridge on Earth, from a long line of military men, the most notable of theses was Lt. Malcolm Reed, my Great Grandfather, who married my Great Grandmother, Ruby, after he correctly guessed that she would name her first born son (my grandfather) William. I graduated Starfleet Academy with honours on stardate 48506.2 and joined The Marine Corps. On stardate 52913.2 , I transferred to Starfleet Inelegance. My current posting is as the commander of a new prototype "Wells" Class vessel "The USS Relativity - NCV-474439" This ship is the first of the "Wells" class, which is an experimental timeship class, called Wells, after HG Wells, the author of a best selling novel of the 20th century called "The Time Machine"

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