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  • Updated the lighting on K-7 and made some general optimization improvements.
  • Updated Starbase 39:
    • Made some general optimization improvements.
    • Added more signs.
    • Updated the lighting.
  • Master Keys will no longer go into the Overflow bag when trading them with other players.
  • Resolved an issue where some players got a “Starship” item in their inventory.
    • This will no longer occur, but it will not do anything to change the players that have this item.
    • The rare players that find an item marked "Starship" in their inventory or Overflow Bag, should please submit a ticket to Customer Service.
  • Updated some of the audio being used in Foundry maps.
  • Increased the FX speed for Scramble Sensors.
  • General updates to graphics code to resolve some client crashes.
  • The DS9 Bundle text has been updated to use the correct name for the Deep Space Nine Admiral Uniform.
  • Updated the text for the Starter Pack to correct the name of the title granted.

Duty Officers:
  • Replaced some missing Starfleet Colonist portraits.
  • Added duty officer assignments using data samples as inputs.
  • Adjusted CXP rewards for DS9 assignments rewarding multiple CXP types to favor the category of the assignment.
  • Increased Radiation proc damage for ultra-rare Gravimetric Scientist duty officer active roster power.
  • Reduced proc chance for ultra-rare Energy Weapons duty officer active roster power that has a small chance to remove an enemy's buffs.
  • Updated a rare situation where an assignment granting an Alien bridge officer granted an Andorian instead.
  • Improved rewards for duty officer assignment "Host Multicultural Religious Symposium".
  • Added failure outcome chance to Colonial Emergency Supply assignments in order to avoid unintuitive slotting behavior.
  • Don't worry, the chance is pretty small.
  • Adjusted and applied some fixes to several of the "Sabotage X" duty officer assignments.

  • Resolved some minor text issues in Of Bajor.
  • The transwarp costs for Of Bajor has been updated.
  • Updated Second Wave so all powers should work during the fight on DS9.
  • Updated Cage of Fire so the nav beacon is no longer inside the planet.
  • Updated Kuvah'magh:
    • Corrected injured text for wounded colonists on Regulus IV.
    • Resolved an issue that could cause Miral Paris to disappear if she was stuck too far away from the player.
    • Added specific individual map waypoints for each spatial charge on the map.

  • Updated Devidians Captains to make their strength more in line with other NPC Captains.
  • Updated the tooltip for Directed Energy Modulation to correctly reflect bleed through damage for all energy types.
    • The amount of damage dealt by Directed Energy Modulation is ~100%-200% what is displayed on its tooltip, depending on variables that include your level and your distance from the target.
  • Updated the wording of a loading screen tip relating to Auxiliary Power which referenced deprecated information.
  • Photonic Displacement ships will now use facing pitch and roll when the power is used.
  • All variants of Science Vessels have been updated so the escape pods are properly hidden when using Photonic Displacement.
  • Jem'Hadar Weapons are no longer Unique, but you may only equip one on your captain at a time.
    • This restriction does not apply to your Away Team.
  • Tyken's Rift can no longer be destroyed by AoE abilities.
  • Updated the nano healing beams for Borg STFs so they will no longer be disabled by powers that knock Auxiliary systems offline.

  • Space tray modes 3 and 4 have been swapped.
    • Mode 3 is now three rows with weapon tray and bridge officer tray.
    • Mode 4 is now the three row tray with the weapon tray hidden and the bridge officer tray hidden.
  • Default keybinds have been updated to default bind numpad 9 and numpad 0 to the 9 and 10 slots.
  • The Hide Tray Tooltips toggle option now functions as expected.
  • The fleet rank of online players now displays correctly.
  • The points spent on a bridge officer are no longer placed outside the window.
  • Added a Duty Officer Assignment Chain UI.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the throttle slider to get stuck to the mouse.

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