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# 1 [Suggestion] Revamp Exchange
02-16-2012, 07:37 PM
Everyday I look for a specific Doff on the Exchange and I end up not finding it cause of the limitations.

A revamp is needed for the Exchange.
Currently it uses one section to enlist thousands of items.
We need to add another level to that to break it down.

In the exchange Window along down the Item Type Column, we should have the Options marked in Bold and they become clickable, opening a dropdown Menu listing those below that. These are clickable to further refine the options.

Bridge Officers
- Engineer
- Science
- Tactical

- Energy Sample
- Particle Trace
- Physical Sample
- Technological Sample
- Schematics
- Commodities

Personal Equipment
- Weapons
- Armour
- Personal Shields
- Food
- Equipment (Hypos, Power Cells etc)
- Tribble
- Kits

Starship Equipment
- Weapons
- Shields
- Engines
- Deflectors
- Consoles
- Devices
- Fighters

Duty Officers
- Tactical
- Security
- Engineering
- Operations
- Science
- Medcal
- Civilian
- Other (Refugee/Colonists/Prisoners)

Another thing, change the Item per page to 25 and set the max page to 2500 (up from 400)
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# 2
02-16-2012, 09:17 PM
I remember having gabbing with a dev in game a while back and they said the Exchange is on their list. I remember them saying is that it is such a mess it needs alot of work to fix.

I imagine that items themselves will needs some sort of revamp.

I mean I want look for a
Purple Human Science Officer.....can do that now
Purple FEMALE Human Science Officer..........need to do some manual searching
Purple FEMALE Human Science Officer with Creative and Covert ................ I'll be here all night
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# 3
02-17-2012, 04:15 PM
I'm going to move this out of the test server forums, because this doesn't appear to be about an issue with the test server.

Generally, posts like this won't be seen by the audience you're looking for unless you post them in the Holodeck forums.
(The test server forums are for QA, mostly.)

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