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Aoso I just came back after not playing for months, I need help with my loadout, I'm lv 50, and have a cruiser...I use

1 dual antiproton beam array mk X
1 transphasic mine launcher infinity
1 quantum torpedo launcher mk X
and 1 dual tetryon beam mk X

For aft
2 antiproton beams mk X
1 tetryon turrent mk X
1 transphasic torpedo

I don't think it's a good layout but I'm pretty sure I want to keep my antiprotons, Andy suggestions, and are antiprotons good?
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02-16-2012, 08:31 AM
Honestly and this is just MY opinion. I would drop the mine launcher. And uniform your beam loadout. I have all tetryon and use a Tetryon Pulse Generator, because it get an additional 19% damage to my beams i believe, Im slightly unsure as the game is down for maintainence. If you really want to use anti protons you oculd do the same by equipping all anti protons and adding the Antiproton Mag Regulator. Also with the wide firing ark of a beam array im not sure the turret is benefitting you awhole lot. Dont forget the EPS flow regulator to keep those beam weapons charged. My Loadout: Im not saying this is the best and Im sure someone else has some great setups but I've had good success with this set up.

Im using the Excel cruiser

Mk XI Tetryon Dual Beam Bank
MK XII Tetryon Beam Array
Mk XI Tetryon Beam Array
Mk XII Quantum Torpedo


Mk XI Tetryon Beam Array
MK XII Tetryon Beam Array
Mk XI Tetryon Beam Array
Mk XII Quantum Torpedo

Tac Consoles

Tetryon Pulse Generator + 19% Tetryon Damage
Directed Energy Distribution Manifold + 22% Eneregy weapon damage
Eng: Console
EPS Flow Regulator +65 % power transfer rate
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02-16-2012, 02:37 PM
Indeed, uniforming dmg type with associated tactical consoles is a huge key to doing better dmg.

I know I first started I thought mixing energy types would be a good thing (tetryon to bring down shields, polaron to cripple power, and antiproton to shoot holes into them.) BUt the pace of combat doesn't lend itself to that way of thinking. But ultimately, the fact that they have dmg specific boosting consoles in the game tends to make a uniform loadout much more powerful.

If those consoles weren't in the game, I bet mixed beams would be the norm.

Also, agree on the mine layer. I'd go so far as to put the minelayer on the aft if you really want to keep it, and just have the one torp up front. Having the torp in your forward arc can get you used to only using it when foes shields are down or are going down (as indicated by the colored shields on target.) Which makes sense unless you are using transphasic torps.

The turret, while not awful probably wouldn't be my first choice on a cruiser. I suspect that 360 degree always firing turret dps is likely still lower than a beam array 270degree that isn't firing all the time. All about how you fly though.
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02-16-2012, 03:37 PM
Dump the mine layer
get weapon loadout of the same type. Antiproton is just as good as others
get a console to boost the base damage type

Keep the quantum torp 1 in front 1 in back.

Now how many beams you run are up to you. I have always like the following set.

1 DBB - Dual Beam Bank
5 BA - Beam Arrays
2 torps

Some swear by 6 Beam arrays and some even run 8 and run dual Fire at Will Tac skills.

It boils down to preference.

Overall i find a setup I like and use most times. but its a good base.
6 Beam Arrays
2 torps
are very common.

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