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The dialogs in the Foundry allow you to choose the player's Engineering, Tactical, or Science officer to deliver the dialog. However, through the Duty Officer system, it is possible to assign officers to more specific departments, such as a chief medical officer or even a first officer. It would be great if Foundry dialogs allowed the author to use a specific officer for a better match to the circumstances of the storyline, such as having the chief medical officer be the one to say that there is an outbreak of Tarkalean flu on board or having the chief engineer warn the captain that the engines can't take much more! If those officers haven't been set by the player, the dialog would default to one of the standard ETS types that are currently used.
Lt. Commander
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02-18-2012, 08:46 AM
I second this. There should be options for each of your Department Heads, as well as the current options for the senior officer with each of the three specializations.

Also, since it's possible to bring along four companions in an Away Team, that allows for three senior officers from each specialization plus one extra. It would be good to tag that "extra" (the "junior Away Team member," as it were) for his/her own dialogue.

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