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Any time I'm on a map that counts as a 'ground' zone (IE, where you have your character, not your space ship, so actual ground maps as well as starbase maps and bridges, etc), the sound effects still seem 'hollow' or 'echo-y'. The voiceovers are fine, though.

For instance, in DS9, Holo Leeta's comments are okay, but when she 'flickers', there's a *terrible* buzzing noise. Also, when using weapons and whatnot, the sound being 'off' is very noticable. (Again, Ship weapon effects and other ship sounds are perfectly fine. It's only the ground maps that have the issue). Even the footfalls sound like they have too much high tone and/or reverb.

Regardless, something's been wrong with the ground sound effects since the F2P beta. Even the 'fix' that was in a couple weeks ago hasn't fixed the issue.

I've run a force check to make sure all the audio files are fine.

This issue only happens in STO and only on ground missions, and again, only with actual audio effects and not voices.

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