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07-02-2012, 12:46 PM
I believe CRF 3 is better. APO is not that great as a damage buff, but it's movement immunities are pretty solid, and unlike Attack Pattern Beta, no one can do anything against the buff nor the immunities with Tactical Team.
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07-02-2012, 06:00 PM
Does anyone have these keybinds from the first page of this thread? They don't seem to be showing up correctly.

2 Key bind
/bind F +trayexec 3 0
/bind space +trayexec 3 1 $$ +Trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3 $$ +Trayexec 3 4 $$ +trayexec 3 5 $$ +Trayexec 4 6

3 Key bind
/bind F +trayexec 3 0
/bind space +trayexec 3 1 $$ +Trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3
/bind E +Trayexec 3 4 $$ +trayexec 3 5 $$ +Trayexec 4 6
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07-02-2012, 06:11 PM
/bind f "+trayexec 3 0"

This will execute what ever skill or fire any weapon you have on tray 4 first spot.

/bind space "+trayexec 3 1 $$ +trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3"
/bind e "+trayexec 3 4 $$ +trayexec 3 5 $$ +trayexec 3 6"

This will fire weapons in the next 3 slots on space... and the next 3 on E key... these are my standard DBB Beam Overload keybinds I use on my escorts... I will mostly use the same setup with one torp, although lately I have been putting on 2 torps with doffs and just throwing it all on auto... just a lazy mode lately I guess.

Anyway the thinking is turrets are on there own fire key so you can control your power usage if you wish... I DO see a DPS increase when I use these binds properly... I will be perfectly honest however its not massive and If I am not on my game the dps goes down in truth... so you many wish to consider using auto fire, if you are still learning how to time everything else. If you have some XP try out the fire binds and see for yourself. I realize in hind sight I may have been complicating things for people more then they need as newer players.

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07-02-2012, 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Guten tag again guys.

So I've bought the MVAE and it's an unbelievable amount of fun to fly, whole different game to using a cruiser.

I am learning though and I still have a lot of questions.

Is it better to take AP:O3 or C:RF3 in the Com. slot?

I'm also using a 3 x DHC, 1 x DBB front layout at the minute, mostly out of laziness (I wanted to get into space ASAP and I had the stuff lying in my inventory). That said, I'm really iffy on the DBB. The spike is quite nice to have, and it puts the dangling Ensign Tac to use, but it also occasionally drains strength from the DHCs. Another thing is that it benefits from the four Tac consoles, so there's that.

However, I'm thinking of switching to either a torp or a flat-out all DHC build. The only thing keeping me from going straight DHCs is, again, the Ensign Tac. I've wondered if it might even be worth it just to write him off as a lost cause. I could put the MVAM console into the Advanced Escort, I suppose, but I do love that Lt. Com. Science slot...

Suggestions and corrections much, much appreciated.

Highest DPS right now is likely 4 DHC a+ 3 turrets. Rapid Fire 3 is the way to go with that... you will likely waste a ensign tac slot though. The only real solution to that is to fly the advanced and throw a tractor beam on or something. Thats basicly the trade as I see it.

Another Option that I will sometimes use. Is to just take one of the Turrets off and replace it with a beam array... then run a target engines 1. If you get in a turn battle with another escort target his engines.

Rapid 3 Rapid 2 Omega 1 Beta 1 Delta 1... 2 tac teams. with Haz 1 TSS 2 EPTS 1 and Aux to Damp or Sif... is a pretty solid all cannon setup.

If you don't have a great purple DHC now... just use a MK X or even throw a blue one on... its not a major loss in DPS for now.
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07-02-2012, 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
/bind <key> "+trayexec 3 1 $$ +trayexec 3 2 $$ +trayexec 3 3"
Does this work with other things, like if I wanted to chain my BOIII with my DBB? So far I've just been running with all weapons on auto with good success, but I've been wanting to remove the DBB from the usual pattern and only use it for those timed special attacks.

Trying these keybinds somewhat changed my usual mode of operation, so I might undo all but the DBB bind. I do like binding the speed to the mousewheel, although that messes with my camera zoom. It might take me awhile to get used to this.
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07-02-2012, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Another Option that I will sometimes use. Is to just take one of the Turrets off and replace it with a beam array... then run a target engines 1. If you get in a turn battle with another escort target his engines.
That's an absolutely awesome idea and a solution to something I'd been thinking about (I love taking TBs on the MVAE but everyone and their grandma has a hard counter, if not two). Thanks!
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08-09-2012, 11:33 AM
Comments, critiques?
Anyhow its yours for the viewing!
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08-09-2012, 05:13 PM
0 points in power insulators? i would put at least 3 points in there
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Saw it recently and thought that I ask a question too.

Are beam-based escorts still a viable option? I remember times (2011) when beam escorts were very viable and a good option to cannon (DHC or DC - yeah, old times) escorts.

I'm thinking about long-range sniper escort relying solely on beams (3 DBB, 1BA front, 3 BA back) to deal damage to target from outside of it effective range (for cannon escorts) or to Target Subsystem from close range and go for Beam Overload kill against cruisers/sciships.

Still leveling the toon (currently at cmdr) but while I realize that beams deal less damage then cannons there is such HUGE difference in the "time to kill" between beam (BTS:S/E and BO) build and cannon (CRF) build that it is not even funny. Am I doing something wrong, or has the game fallen so far that the only viable build for escort is DHC one?

My build looks so:
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09-05-2012, 07:35 AM
Honestly outside of a 1 on 1s... beams where never a viable option on escorts imo.

Really I don't know why some people resist Cannons so hard on escorts... I mean there THE perk for choosing to fly an escort. Dual Cannons CAN NOT be used on anything else. (a few cruiser) really though they are the highest DPS weapon in the game why would you choose anything else for an escort. It would be like an player in a Fantasy MMO deciding to use a bow on there melee DPS toon.... Cannons = Melee DPS... get in close and knife em... its how it works.

1 on 1 yes they can still work vs other escorts... really though Target Subs are pathetic... even in there 3 versions.... Beam Overload Spike dmg is terrible. When it was a good spike it was still best to only run one beam and stick to cannons as the bread and butter.

I guess in short I'm sayin na there not a viable option at all.... One for Beam overload can still work... but with the way acc works now you are likely to miss more then its worth for the power drain....

4 DHC...
2-3 DHC with torps... (2 torps now with doffs is very viable)

Seem to me those are the 2 real escort setups right now that work given the state of healing.... going anything else is just counter productive.

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