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I have a LRSV and Im wondering what I should use as my 2 tactical abilities.

1 Beam Array
1 Cannon
1 Torpedo

3 Turrets

There is Beam Overload I or II, Cannon Rapidfire I, High Yield I or II. As a science vessel I already have target subsystems.
Im going for a DPS build Rapidfire works well with the all the turrets. But I would like some spike damage too.
I am using High Yield and Rapidfire now, and dont want to switch until I get some opinions.

Combination 1: High Yield I and Rapidfire................... [Current abilities, use this as the control group]
Combination 2: Overload I and Rapidfire .....................[Is overload I better than 1 more torpedo?]
Combination 3: Overload I and High Yield II.................[Is 2 more torpedoes better than Rapidfire?]
Combination 4: High Yield I and Overload II ............... [Is Overload II better than Rapidfire?]

Thank you!
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02-18-2012, 11:17 PM
In my opinion, keep Rapid Fire or Scatter as the Lt ability. No matter what your facing is to the target, they'll always be useful and comprises of the majority of your damage output.

Overload is very iffy because it does cut your weapons power by 50 for an instant, and in the time that it takes for your power to recover, you've probably lost close to the same amount of damage you gained in that shot. With my RSV even with Mk XII Dual beams, Mk XI tact consoles x3 and Overload II, it won't do the same amount of damage to the hull as a HY I with the Mk XII Quantums and to add salt to the wound, the turrets and dual beams would do reduced damage from the norm for a short period of time. Against shields however...
That and it shares the CD with your innate target subsystem abilities, which means you have to plan your damage button around the wants to shoot out a subsystem. I much rather the flexibility of being able to target a subsystem without worrying if it's on a shared CD because I just used Overload

How much spike and kind of spike damage are you looking for? If it's for PvP, I can't really give that much advice since that's not in my area of experience. I'd rather the immense damage output of cannons plus turrets and rapid fire/scatter to tear down shields and burn the hull.
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02-19-2012, 12:08 AM
I fly a DSSV, this is my setup


Antiproton DBB x2


Plasma Turret x3

I went with beams because it makes my Target Subsystems useful, plus has a higher dps than cannons. I only have one Lt. Tact (Tactical Team I | Torpedo Spread II). Spread mixes well with Gravity Well and Tyken's Rift.

I can easily hold off a gate in KA space, hope this helps.

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