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lol, i think we should all have yugo ships, period! red yugos = tactical, blue yugo's equal sci and yellow yugos equal engy. that way all the folks out there worried about whats fair can have their way. for all the whining i see, STO is going strong. the lets make everything fair (exactly equal) people keep wishing for their prognostications to come true: STO will die a fast painful death cause they are unfair!!! get a grip folks, just because a person has a good ship/build doesn't make them an instant winner, BUT is sure to make others instant whiners. same with the abilities. know what? the balance in game all thing being nearly equal alone doesn't make the game survivable, the perception that one can improve, and maybe spend a little (time and or money) does...remember business 101: make a product people want bad enough to buy, limit the supply just enough...etc?
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10-03-2012, 10:19 AM
I regularly pull 6-9k dps using 4x DHCs. I've tried multiple layouts and build and specs using torpedoes. I've never been able to get comparable dps. I don't see the need for torpedoes at all in PvE.

My Advanced Escort typically does 1k more dps using the same items as my MVAE. I prefer the MVAE for Gravity Well however. Torpedoes are for burst damage in PvP.

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