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# 1 STF Space, basic strategies
02-19-2012, 03:37 PM
Okay, having run a few Public Groups (Pugs), and fleet groups, I've seen that there's a general understanding of how STFs run, but very little cohesive strategies. While I am, by far, no expert at STFs here are a few pointers to follow whether you're in pug or fleet space STF groups either normal or Elite.

Cure Space:
The simplest thing here is to understand that, when a cube dies, a major spawn comes from the remaining cubes (First cube down = Raptors. Second cube down = Battlecruisers). If you don't think your fleet can cover the Kang during these spawns don't kill the cubes!, just whittle them down to 10%, leave someone there to keep it from regenerating and clean up spawns, and move to the next.

Key note: Birds/Raptors/BCs do not go 'live' until they're 10km from the Kang. They start at 20km, so that gives you 10km of breathing room to whittle them down. Ships screening the arrays can park at 11km between the array and the Kang and take out birds before they go active and start shooting back. Raptor shields can be stripped and plenty of damage done to them as well.

Team effort: Two ships, either cannon/turret escorts or full beam cruisers on broadside, should park and screen spawns. With some tricky maneuvering they can even take out most of the probes between spawns. The remaining ships can focus on one array so long as they're attentive to its spawns. Target the lead vessel and those following will fly through its explosion radius.

Khitomer Space:
As with Cure Space, killing one of the gates will cause the remaining gate to start churning out spawns. Likewise, one ship can (usually) hold down the probe spawn from one gate while the first is being dealt with. Park 12km from the gate and, as soon as probes appear and before they come out of warp, cannon spread or beam fire at will can be activated to strip their shields. Then target the lead probe... in certain instances the second probe will wander through the explosion radius of the first and take considerable damage.

On Elite whomever is clearing the generators should be mindful of those ships that are probe screening and lead the cube away from them so their protection is not interrupted.

Reduce first gate to ~10%, leave one person on screening detail, and move to the second. When the second is at ~25-30% the screening ship start working the first gate down - hopefully killing it when the second gate is almost dead. This should mean only one spawn is triggered from the second before it goes down. Ideally a second ship should return and aid the screening & destruction of the first gate at this point.

Infected Space:
In this one there is nothing to screen, so everyone can focus on one place at a time. Once the nanite generators become vulnerable deal with the guardian cube (on elite), then reduce each generator to ~10%. Park above the center and, once the generators are weakened, everyone spread fire to kill them all at the same moment.

Important: Gravity Wells & Discharge Warp Plasma should be readied. While 100% of DPS is on the transformer the wells & plasma can be used to slow/stop the flood of nanite spheres.

Rinse, repeat, kill the second.

Avoid agressing the tactical cube when it emerges. Move around behind the gate and pick off the spheres. If you use spread fire make sure to do so well beyond range of the cube. If you have fighters don't launch them until the gate is down.
Note: Klingon power siphon fighters will dramatically reduce the cube's capabilities with a specialized pilot.

In any event, the key to a successful STF is teamwork. Each member needs to adopt a role (screening, damage, what-have-you) and understand what they need to do to hold that position. Communicate when forces are beyond your ability to hold off. Damage dealers need to listen (or read team chat) and know when to break off the objective to aid the support positions. Once the threat is dealt with return to the objective.
Beam array ships are ideal screens with their broadside salvo. Projectile ships are good alpha DPS and mines aid screening well. Escorts are best at dealing with the direct objective.

Damage types:
Any will work, honestly. All do about the same DPS overall. It's the crits that become important over flat DPS.
AntiProton = In the end-game AP is considered the best for damage. Why? They have no 'procs' (secondary effects on target); their crits are pure damage and they add up fast.
Tetryon = strip shields well. Once shields are down procs are ineffective.
Polaron = Gut power levels across all subsystems. This can cause shield failure, drop DPS from energy weapons, and dramatically slow the target as their engine power is gutted.
Phaser = Federation standard, highly effective. Procs can shut down enemy subsystems temporarily.
Disruptor = Klingon standard. Procs can reduce target damage resistance 10%, but I'm not sure that stacks. I doubt you can get that below 0%.

And bear in mind: If you mix weapon types they all take a reduction in damage from 8-12%. Focus on one damage type, even if they're mixed tiers.
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# 2
02-19-2012, 04:08 PM
Good job writing this up, you've certainly hit all the high points. There are in fact a few good strategy write-ups already in existence; I've written up detailed guides for all six Borg STFs, including strategies to reliably get the optional objectives on all of them, just check out the link in my signature.
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# 3
02-19-2012, 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by Naldoran
Good job writing this up, you've certainly hit all the high points. There are in fact a few good strategy write-ups already in existence; I've written up detailed guides for all six Borg STFs, including strategies to reliably get the optional objectives on all of them, just check out the link in my signature.
Yeah, I've read a few, and learned quite a bit.
But finding them is a challenge due to how the search function works and the fact that there have been so many created.

I just wrote that little text block for my own fleet and pasted it here. Maybe someone will read it and not be such a newb in their first STFs.

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