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03-05-2012, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by jfinder View Post
Since this has been asked a few times, I thought all of you would like to know why map reuse doesn't work:

Map reuse is explicitly designed not to work. The main reason for not supporting using a map multiple times is that it makes the map editor interface much much more complicated. Most of the time a map is reused, you do not want the map to be almost the same -- you want it to be 90% the same, but with some things removed and other things added.

That means that every single component in the editor would now need an option to set what versions of the map its on. Also, I think it'd be important that you could tell at a glance if a component is on all instances of a map or just a single instance, or the first and third instances, or etc. I played with a few different interfaces for this, but they all were not much better than just having two maps and they all added a *lot* more complexity to the editor.
Wait, unless you fix the bug where if I have a Contact on one map and you have a mission on the other, and once you are done with the contact, it makes you talk to the contact again and it removes the mission on the other map((let me make it clearer):

Talk to contact #1
(rest of mission)
Talk to contact #1

Is what it should be, but there is a glitch where this happens:

Talk to contact #1
Talk to contact #1

And it removes the other map mission.

Until you fix that glitch, KEEP DUPLICATING MAPS AVAILABLE.

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