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I bought the Jupiter set after seeing the magnificent Mirror Universe uniforms on DS9 during the Cardassian episode arc. I've got no complaints with the trousers, belt, and boots, but the upper variants leave me cold up close, particularly on men.

The textures are weirdly rubberised - variants 3 through 5 it's impossible to get a true black to match the trousers. Variant 3, which I'd seen and which inspired me to buy it, still doesn't match up its ribbing with the Jupiter belt as it does with the female uniforms; but does match with the Mirror sash on both genders. This issue has apparently been around since they came out 9-10 months ago.

Moving it down on the texture could break the perfection of the Terran uniforms; moving the belt placement would look odd on most other uniforms. Is there anything that can be done about this belt/jacket, or the environment mapping on the glossy texture for these variants?

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