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We are now two episodes in, Second Wave, and Of Bajor.

How do these compare with the 1st and second episodes from other FEs?

Cold Call then Out in the Cold

Skirmish then Spin the Wheel

The Vault then Mine Enemy

To me, so far, I think the other FE's are better, by the second episode of each one I was already impressed with the FE, and pulled into the story.

At this point, after doing Of Bajor, the only reason I want to play the next episode is so we can get on with things, and get some action going. I kinda feel like "Of Bajor" was a waste a time. I'm having a hard time doing it on all 10 of my characters, just cause I don't really want to do it, but I have to, in order to do the next episode, I'm reluctantly doing it, just so i can do the next one. There is no reply value in Of Bajor for me, at all.

I dunno, i"m just not as enthused with this FE so far, compared to previous FE's. Especially since its been 11 months, I was hoping for more? I dunno. It's just not resonating with me like the others did.
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# 2
02-20-2012, 06:08 PM
I found "Second Wave" dissapointing, and as far as frst FS eps go, "The Vault" is hard to top.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed "Of Bajor" and hope to see more mission this story-driven and involving in the future.
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# 3
02-20-2012, 06:19 PM
Sneak peaks at tweet leaks not withstanding, I had the same "Wow!" moment upon beaming down to Bajor, that I had for Mine Enemy and Cold Call. Storywise though, the current FE series is off to a weak start. If nothing else, we're missing the whole "The Fate of this species/sector/quadrant/galaxy depends on you!" epicness, as we're running around fetching booze for Cardassian delegate, going "In The Cards" for holosuite time so the Deferi ambassador can explain balance to the most limber hologram on file, or whatever he wanted that for. And that's episode one.

Episode two was more running errands, while no progress was made. A filler episode, kind of. Sure you get to chat up a prophet or five, or garden if you prefer, maybe light some candles, but with all due respect, captain Kurland, I am the ranking officer here, and a Federation ambassador. I think I can handle one itty bitty little invasion force and get you your dingy excuse for a space station back. So why don't you step outside and go take care of those Klingons who are leaving a trail of dead security officers wherever they go, and let the grownups talk?

But I like Bajor. I've already fallen into the habit of going to Bajor for my Beta Ursae banking and exchange needs, rather than DS9.
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# 4
02-20-2012, 06:48 PM
I've posted it a couple of times in other threads, but I'll post it here too ... I think this new FE is right in line with the Breen FE. About as good and about as paced as the first one.

I think the Devidian and Romulan arcs were a bit better than the Breen. So right now I think the 2800 is checking in at about average. Interesting enough. I'm not raging about it. But I'm not raving about it either.

I do think the holodeck and some of the other bits in Of Bajor have a lot more long-term replay value than anything we've been given before. So over the long haul I feel like the 2800 may not be as boring to repeat later on.

But in the short term it hasn't had any particular moments that wowed me like the Devidian or Romulan stories.
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# 5
02-20-2012, 06:50 PM
First episode was almost ruined by the months of spoilers. Had we gone in actually expecting to plan a counteroffensive against the Borg, that cut to the wormhole opening would have been a great OH **** moment, and on elite the space battle actually managed to feel pretty desperate (though on normal it's a big turkey shoot).

Of Bajor... I'm glad to see some of the people who've posted that they don't like it are the very same people who have often said they want a more Star Trek feel to the game, because this is pretty much Star Trek right here. Even in the height of DS9's more action filled seasons, they'd take an episode out in the middle of the war for Sisko to buy a house on Bajor or discuss Bajoran religious beliefs, or just to give Martogg's wife some screen time to be angry.

The high point of the series so far has been that Changeling fight on the holodeck. A long, complex fight that manages to be difficult without being, "HAHA I killed your entire team in one hit again."
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# 6
02-20-2012, 07:36 PM
Of Bajor was a lot of reading and one day when I have a lot of time to waste im going to go through all of those bajoring books. the armor is nice. but would be nice if it had a Jem Hadar visual to it. Would love if there was some better replay value. give me those Beams the Galors have or the Quantums the Jem'Hadar use to rip sheilds and I'll go though the mission 100 times.
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# 7
02-20-2012, 07:40 PM
I would say this FE is shaping up to be a low point in FEs.

All the others had major storyline progress two missions in. At this point, we've fought our way off of DS9, gotten to Bajor, and figured out Loriss doesn't know when she is. That's about analogous to any first mission in any other FE.
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# 8
02-20-2012, 07:50 PM
So far I think it's been better than the breen, after running 8 toons through that arc I got to the point I never want to see those missions again.

Compared to the other two arcs though... sure it's not as much of a grind as the breen arc but everything feels so... halfhearted? The reman arc was just completely epic imo, to go from that to this is kind of a let down. I will deffinitely wait to see what the others have in store before deciding what I think about this whole arc, after all 3 more episodes is plenty of room for some seriously epic fights with and augmented by story driven content.

On a story note, wouldn't this whole thing have sparked a much larger war? 2800 dominion warships just blasted through everything and captured DS9, if I were starfleet I would suddenly be very worried about the true way, the jem'hadar alphas, or even a second dominion assault. Sure the domion became a lot more peaceable after the end of the last war, but if they back this fleet up, they might actually win, especially with none of the main powers of the alpha quadrant being allies.
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# 9
02-20-2012, 11:42 PM
Compared to the other FEs, this new FE sems to be done in a sloppy way. There are soo many things that is wrong with the new FE. If compared back to back with the previous FEs, the "2800" series is lacking.

The main issues:

The storyline - its lackluster and feels less epic

The dialogue - cheesy at best, with the exception of one or two individuals - however; this story is poorly written.

Lets break down the episode "Second Wave" - THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY:


#1. WRITTEN DIALOGUE - What kills this episode is the poorly written dialogue and the Jem Hedar debut was lackluster and not as epic.


#1. The VOICE ACTING - With the exception of the JMan, the Gorn ambassador, and Andrew - the other voice actors were an EPIC FAIL - I partly blame them because their written dialogue was atrocious.

#2. The story thus far - The debut of this new FE storywise is very very weak - for some reason this FE did not have an epic feel to it. It felt very generic and had a card board drawn story feel to it.


#1. Station combat and space battle were well down - I enjoyed the combat portion / just wish it was a bit longer.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Now lets break down the episode "of Bajor" - THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY


#1. The poorly written dialogue - the writing once again is an epic fail - It feels like a third grader wrote these missions.

#2. mini mission "tactical security" (Klingon) / The random transporting in of Fed security is plain dumb and make its looks very very cheap.

#3. mini mission "petition the prophets - believe it or not I love the visuals for this mini mission - BUT - The DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE Killed this beautiful mini quest. - Fortunately; the mini quest was very very short.


#1. The pointless running around mini quest that does not move the storyline along

#2. Some of the cutscenes was lacklusting - DS9 ops felt empty and Vorta motions was lacklusting

#3. JMan voice acting was awesome, his written dialogue was not - Terrible use of good talent


#1. Bajor visuals / night and day effects (I loved it - Great job CRYPTIC)

#2. Aside from the atrocious written dialogue, the visuals of "Petition the Prophets" mini quest was beautiful - Its bad that it was very short, but fortunately; its was a blessing in disguise since it helped avoid listening to any more bad voice acting from that badly written dialogue.
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# 10
02-21-2012, 01:08 AM
not as good as vault and mine enemy. those two are some serious epic.

better than skirmish and spin the wheel by far (spin the wheel is quite a weak episode and drags it down).

slightly better than cold call and out in the cold. both are solid episode, out in the cold being very good.

i think these new eps are a little less fun to replay if thats what is being taken into account, (at least more than three times once you see all the optionals) as its more talking, cut scenes and running around, but as one off's i found them to be better episodes and appealed to me.

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