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02-21-2012, 01:48 AM
Ok first off I'm going to say I find TOS the most enjoyable of all trek and actually enjoyed the JJ Trek movie just to give you an idea of my taste.

From a mechanics and gameplay point of view this new FE has some interesting new mechanics, well not really. The potential is there but once again all I do is the same old stuff. They incorporate optional objectives and side missions along with a bit o randomness and the doff system but then don't really do anything with them. Such wasted potential. But atleast there be new potential. Like if the second half of the first mission changed based on what happened in the first half. Or if the silly bajor tasks were dealt with by doffs if you wanted them to be.

As far as the story goes its hard to drag me into the story when I'm playing an MMO, I view them the same as a popcorn flick. But I must say all the other FEs pulled me in at some point and made me at least interested in what was going on. So far this FE has yet to do that. It is a combination of the silly tasks I am given to do along with a lack of something I cannot define. I think its the attempt at epic scope with the entire 2800 ships "o noes" and nothing really happening with it to make the impact. Perhaps if the first episode had a cut scene of around a hundred ships holding a line at the wormhole to give the civilians time to evacuate when they exited the wormhole and it was made clear that you fought stragglers while escaping? Or just a bit more of a focus on the idea that there are 2800 ships only a few minutes away from where you are regrouping? I don't really know. But I do know I find it jarring when my captain is checking the PH of soil or fixing crap when there are plenty of other people who could have dealt with it and the enemy is at the gates! Or maybe I just don't care for Bajor or DS9

So far the rewards are decent, not great but decent. Although I do hope the lack of, physical I think, resist on the armor was merely a typo and will be corrected. All in all not impressed...yet. There are three more to go though.
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02-21-2012, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by Kreael
... But atleast there be new potential...
Frankly, thats one thing we have an overabundance of.


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