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# 1 Posting to the exchange
02-20-2012, 11:09 PM
So should it take over an hour for something to post to the exchange? Especially when not 10 minutes before that I posted something and it sold less than a minute after? Is this a bug or does this happen to other people? I haven't had this problem yet, but then again there's been a few strange things happening to me today (When I first logged in and tried to collect on my doff missions, they showed up in the completed tab but had no descriptions other than no reward... for 17 missions. Logged out, back in, the information showed up but still they all said no reward. Logged out, back in and hey! I can finally collect on them). I tried the log out log in trick that seems to the be the tried and true bug fix (for the most part) and still nothing. Other stuff has sold but not the last stuff I posted. Makes it hard to raise some EC for my next ship, especially when it was items I purchased with dil. Oh well, maybe tomorrow...

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