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Only requirements are no beam boat and p2w consoles.

Eng captain spec'd for carrier (sci heavy goodness) and so far i have all DHCs. 2 aft turrets, 2 aft beams.


ET1, Aux Damp, EPTS3, DEM3


Consoles are

neutronium, eps, _empty_, _empty_
shield +35%, _empty_
disruptor consoles.

Any suggestions for spec (bec points spent on sci on a ship w/ little sci is wasted points), but mainly suggestions on BO layout and missing consoles. I've just started looking at DOffs, and will most likely be able to get rid of EPTS3 and EPTW2.

Main problem is getting opponents to in the firing arc of the DHCs, perhaps chronitons.

If anyone has had successful eng negh'var build, would love to hear from you. this mainly for PVP, since this config already works very well in PVE/STFs.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
02-21-2012, 08:19 AM
Well a timely use of evasive manuever would help you with getting the target to stay in the arc of your DHC. Deuterium Surplus would help, increase turn rate by four times (just watch out for the speed boost at same time) for 8 seconds. Would be nice if Negh'Var had a Lt. Commander Tac station for Attack Pattern Omega or for the APO rank 1 to be a BO LT ability. ah well.

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