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I would like point out a few of our skill boxes that make no sense & suggest a fix.

1- Sensors & Subspace Decompiler: Currently all sensor stat does is increase stealth detection which doesn't do anything in PVE and is useless in PVP as we all know since the game's launch. The sensor related abilities like jam sensors, scramble sensors and such are put in subspace decompiler...which makes no sense. They are sensor based abilities. Subspace decompiler is a debuff-disable stat and it currently does affect the disable effects albeit in a rather insignificant increase compared to the huge amount of skillpoints one has to spend on it....and there are no science consoles that boost subspace decompiler (only deflector dish does).


a- Move jam sensor and scramble sensors to Sensor stat & skillbox. Viral Matrix remains SubD as it is not sensor based but rather a probe firing a computer virus.
b- Increase the benefit of subspace decompiler on disable duration.
c- Add subspace decompiler bonus to power drain on subsystem target attacks. They remain flow capacitor based but SubD stats further boosts it.
d- Add subspace decompiler science modules. There are currently none.

2- Transphasic torpedoes: There is no purpose or use for this torpedo in the game. Why? Simple: A Mk 11 transphasic torpedo will hit the hull for the exact same damage that a mk11 quantum or photon will ...and the quantum/photon will hurt the shields a lot more.

This happens because npc 10% bleed through stat on their shields has the much higher damage photon and quantums bleeding through the same damage that the transphasic torpedo's 20% damage does. Even with a full torpedo template (full torpedo weapon, torpedo weapon specialization, breen set and 4X 26% transphasic torpedo tactical consoles) the transphasic is still a very bad choice over other torpedoes.


Four ways to fix this (pick one):

A- Increase transphasic bleed through damage to 50%
B- Change transphasic torpedo to fire a 'heavy transphasic' torpedo under High Yield. This 'Overcharged Transphasic' will completely bypass the shields (100% damage to hull) and disable the timers on the ship for 3 seconds. Torpedo does NOT do additional damage over that of a normal transphasic. Increased high yield tier attack (I, II, III ) will increase the speed of the torpedo in flight and add +2 seconds timer disable per tier.
C- Change Breen Set bonus to be : +60% transphasic torpedo shield bypassing damage. (that = 80% when added to the torp's innate 20%). That way the breen set can be set to a highly specific and themed damage type and will make transphasics worth using.
D- Increase damage of transphasic torpedos to something between quantum and photon.

Personally I favor A or C .

3- Accuracy & Sensor stat:: Sensor stat should have a more active role in ship weapon performance. After all, you cant hit hard what you cant see well. Sensors are the eyes of the ship when it comes to shooting.

Suggestion: add sensor stat to the accuracy equation. Just like target's speed can lower or increase your accuracy, have sensor strength act as a counter to ship's speed. A ship with very high sensor strength should have no penalty firing upon a high speed vessel.

4- Power Insulator stat: It needs to do more.

Suggestion: What it does now but give a multitude of minor benefits. At 9 skill boxes on it have it give: -5% bleed through damage to shields, +2 to all power levels and reduce weapon power drain by 2.

5- Countermeasures: Really? Spend skill points on something to counter sensor jams? Let countermeasures do a bit more. Have it add to a ship's defense stat in a minor way (at 9 skillboxes= +4% defense).

Game Mechanics that make no sense:

1- How is it that you get boarding parties teleported to your ship when your shields are up? That is non canon... have the ability fail if target's shields are up. That would at least make the assault shuttles make sense.

Suggestion: Ship shields must be down in facing side for you to get boarded via transporter. Shuttles still get through regardless...its why they need to fly in via shuttle.

2- Tricobalt devices create a subspace rift in which anything inside it gets disabled.... but the torpedo blast knocks ship clear of the rift. That makes no sense whatsoever.

Suggestion: Remove knock-back effect from tricobalt devices and replace it with increased rift width (from 3km to 5km). High yield tier increase will make the disable effect stronger and the aoe damage range wider.

3- Tractor beams do not pull ships in towards you.

Suggestion: Using ship's mass as the defining stat.. the tractor can either hold ship in place if target's mass is bigger or pull them in if mass is lower.

4- Torpedo weapon range is limited to beam weapon range. Given the limitations of torpedoes... their slow flying to target and dps reduced by shields I think it makes no sense to have torpedoes limited to 10km.


Increase torpedo range to 15km. We know this is possible since the klingon carriers can deploy their fighters at 15km range.

5- C-store consoles share timers with boff abilities. This is so frustrating... we pay to have those consoles which give a minor performance advantage (aka photonic shockwave torpedo does less damage than torpedo spread 1 and has 2 minute timer) but on top of that we are penalized for using them because it takes up a console slot AND it shares timers?? UGH. This is so irritating I decided not to spend cpoints to get those consoles...its paying for frustration & no benefit (the shared timer removes the little benefit the consoles do anyway).

Suggestion: Two things to fix this issue (both must be done)

1- Make the universal consoles be able to be equipped in the 'devices' slots.
2- Remove them from global timers. Aka photonic shockwave torpedo should only have its own 2 minute timer.

And finally.... a small cosmetic thing that should really be fixed:

Devs... you made a lot of emotes and player animations that are fluid and lifelike..congrats to your art team! So please pray tell HOW in the world did you guys end up giving our character jog animations that look like Pee Wee Herman being chased by Richard Simmons?

(sorry for the disturbing mental image but really thats what it looks like).

If you guys could kindly re-make the jogging animation we'd greatly appreciate it.

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