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i think the maps and sectors of these nebulas are way to unspectacular. in sectorspace we fly to little arrows pointing on: nothing ...

in the maps theres just a plenet. the anomalies are also only small rocks or tinytiny gas pockets.

i want it more epic. so that we have the feeling of having entered really spectacular space. i know thats not how the universe is, when you get closer to the nebulas, but this is not for real, just for fun.

place blackholes, spacepockets, rifts and whatever you like in the sectormaps, so the arrows actually point on sth ...
make them larger!

in maps of systems make the nebulas bigger, and ... i donno its all a bit thin here. make it dependand on graphicsetting for low-end machines, so its like it is now, and on high settings there should be sth visible. and the backrounds ould use a little love too ... everywhere is just dark with some stars, ... its boring to look at this

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