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Originally Posted by CaptainQuirk View Post
Or better yet... When the Terran resistance captured Bajor, they discovered the Orbs locked in storage. We know that the Bajorans of that reality are not the spiritual people that we know from "our" reality. So it is likely that when they received their orbs, they had no idea how to use them, and certainly did not have an open-ness of mind to make sense of anything they might have seen. They likely would have simply listed the orbs as objects emitting some sort of halucinagenic radiation and locked them away for "further study".

Now the Terran Resistance is aware of the Orbs. What if they decided to make use of one of them in particular: The Orb of Time.

What if there is a Terran Empire operative in "our" reality involved in a 3-stage plan:

Stage 1: Infiltrater Starfleet and obtain technical data concerning starships and weapon systems.
Stage 2: Apply the same sort of effect that allows them to beam between realities to the subspace radio and transmit the data.
Stage 3: They use the Orb of Time to travel back to before the Terran Empire fell to the Alliance and confide with Spock what was coming and pass the data to him where it can be hidden until after the Alliance is overthrown.

Shipyards once under Allaince control now produce the war machines of the revived Terran Empire under the name Terran Federation. The preserved technical data and access to the facilities needed to use it would account for encounters with TF starships with comparable strength and capabilities as Starfleet vessels.
...which wouldn't explain why the ships are now purple.
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02-24-2012, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
...which wouldn't explain why the ships are now purple.
Aesthetic preference?

Not everything needs a fancy answer. Explaining how the Terran Federation has the same class starships as we do in a plausible way sort of is necessary. But explaining why the engines glow purple instead of blue is not.

But I'll bite:

due to being displaced so far away from what was originally home to the Terran Empire, the Terran Federation has found it more efficient to make use of resources and materials available to them from worlds formerly contriolled by Alliance forces. As a result, as compared to that of Starfleet vessels, the intermix reaction within Terran Federation warp cores causes the nacelles's glow to appear more purple than blue.

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