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02-24-2012, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Colonel_Taev View Post
Yes, it is.

The console adds some nodes (for lack of a better term) to your ship. The engine puts an extra bit on the outside of one impulse engine and a large piece on the opposite nacelle. The deflector well... borgifies your deflector, and the shield gives your hull plating some borg bits.
The universal console also adds to your ship's appearance.

it's the only borg equipment I have.
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Originally Posted by aashenfox
Bring it, green-blood.
In light of all the Vulcan and part-Vulcan officers, that out burst is most inappropriate. My Vulcan Captain, Flint Soval Sarvour and his family, will not tolerate Conduct unbecoming a Starfleet Officer.

But back to the thread's topic; i can hardly wait to get my hands on the Borg Set! The sooner i do, the sooner i can destroy them with it!

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