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02-24-2012, 01:09 PM
Hey all,
i recently started to play STO and i was whondering about something. I am now lvl 34 and i feel kind of alone out here. Sure enough theres alot of chat on the Zone channel but i miss rly meeting ppl. I followed the main storyline for a while hoping to get in touch / team up at Quest areas but so far i for one never rly felt the need to group on those and/or never rly found a group when looking or others looking for groups.
Then i tried some of the other missions available and also at the site of those there seems to be not much interaction. So i went into the PvE Queues but again here there seems chat in Zone accross all the instances but rarely any chat within the instance or the assigned team. You go in, fight some stuff, then leave...

SO far i got 2 friend request by hanging around Earth Spacedock but strangely those ppl never got in touch after the friend request (weird).

Is it just me too stupid to see or fail to meet ppl or is everyone rly doing theire own thing, or do ijust have to wait till i hit 50?

Or mabye does it only work in fleets here? But how to choose a good one when you never meet the ppl b4. In other MMO i normally choosen Guilds/Clans/whatever by meeting those ppl or having a good evening doing stuff not by looking at a recruitment forum/post.
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02-24-2012, 01:13 PM
A lot of people tend to play STO as a sole game - probably because STO doesn't really require the Trinity like most MMOs do: Damage Dealer, Healer, Tank. If you are really looking for more player interaction I'd suggest joining a Fleet. You can check-out all the Fleets who are advertising for members in the Fleet section of the forum. Find a good Fleet that plays when you do can make all the difference in the world for many people. Plus good Fleets have member events and the like.
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02-25-2012, 12:42 AM
If you have your team settings set to open team, you'll also automatically join other people who have it set on the same setting, doing the same mission, This doesn't work on story missions though, as far as I know, just patrol missions.

Otherwise, there's no *need* to team up until you get to STFs around Rear Admiral level, but missions can certainly be more enjoyable if you're playing them with a friend.

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