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# 1 Escort build opinions
03-10-2012, 12:58 AM
Hey folks, first time poster, avid reader, I just hit 50 and got my Escort Retrofit.

Trying to figure out a load up for PvE, dont do alot of pvp yet, will later, but pvp for now

current item load out:

fore weapons: 4 dual antiproton beam bank mk xi x2s
deflector: positron deflector array for the shield and structural boost.
impulse: jem'hadar combat impulse engines mk IV --- help!
shields: resilient shield array mk xi
aft weapons: 3 antiproton turret mk xi, x2
engineering: cloak (omg love cloak ), eps conduit, rcs accelerator
science: shield emitter amp, point defense system (little on board miniturret)
tactical: 4x antiproton mag regs

my question is this, i want to maximize dps, i like antiproton due to its chance of penetrating shields, and turrets for constant dps.

1: i've mulled over cannons vs beams, i like the beams due to the larger targetting arc, but im wondering how much of a difference the dps would make.

2: the impulse engine, i like the one i have cause of the boost to weapon power, flight turn rate, and +101 flight speed at full impulse, but i cant find anything worth upgrading it to, any suggestions ?

3: any advice on consoles for science and engineering ?

mainly im looking for big dps and decent surviveability

any tips, suggestions, comments, feedback is much appreciated.

Live long and prosper! (couldn't help it, sorry!)

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# 2
03-10-2012, 01:24 AM
Advantages of beams include subsystem targeting. If you just want energy DPS, you should go cannon; you shouldn't have to worry too much about arcs in an escort. Many of the escort builds in the forums include one torp for quick hull damage.

I'm a fan of the Jem'Hadar engine myself, but at the least you owe it to yourself to replay the mission and get the Mark XI version. If you run at high weapon power - and with an energy build, you should - then the Jem'Hadar may not be your best engine because it will only give you a 2.5 energy bonus instead of 10, so I recommend instead use the Absolute Zero (Breen) one - which will help with getting your DHC's on target.

I would use consoles to round out or augment your captain skills and boff skills. If you want to tank all your damage on your shield and have very little hull heal boff skills, go heavy on the shield augment consoles for sci and eng, or if you find that your shields get wiped out pretty quick you might want hull augmentation and maybe armor. Your Deflector also makes a big difference - after look at the unique deflectors out there, I use a generic rare Positron Deflector with a [StI] bonus among others, though the MACO is a good one as well. Generic rare MKXI+ deflectors on the Exchange are surprisingly cheap, you might find one that is a bit better than what you're running.

Others will have much better opinions, I'm sure, and sometimes a set bonus is better than a particular piece of kit, depending on your style and build.

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