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# 1 Release Notes - March 2, 2012
03-01-2012, 05:47 PM
  • Updated the rewards for Operation Gamma to add a Mystery Box as a possible reward.
    • This is the same Mystery Box that drops in STFs.
  • The Warp to Gamma Orionis button no longer takes Klingon characters to Battle Group Omega.
  • Updated State of Q to resolve issue that caused some players to get stuck and unable to progress.
  • Resolved a few text issues in Operation Gamma.
  • Updated the benches and chairs on Bajor Ground so they are now sittable.
  • Female Alien Bridge Officers can now be earned via the New Officer missions.
  • Resolved an issue that improperly prevented some silver players from chatting.
  • Updated the Síharienís Swords to prevent players from getting agro on the Romulan Commander before the mission objective became active.
  • Added the Yellowstone class ship to the Ship Requisition store.

  • Updated the ambient audio for Facility 47 and Starbase 157.
  • K7, Starbase 39, and Memory Alpha have had their ambient audio updated.
  • Beefed up and turned up the Impulse Burst audio.
  • Resolved issue with buzzing on Bajor Ground when monitoring in 7.1.
  • Updated the audio in the Defiant bridge.

Duty Officers:
  • Resolved an issue with purple Gorn Security duty officers not being able to be slottable in the Ground Active Roster.
  • Resolved bad slotting in Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar assignment chain.
  • Hologram entertainer duty officers can be slotted into standard hologram assignments.
  • Resolved bad slotting in "Self Discipline Training" assignment.
  • Resolved typos and updated outcome rigging in "Civil Unrest" assignments.
  • Changed rewards for "Sell Slaves to Orions" assignment to reward Gold-Pressed Latinum.
  • Changed requirements for "Purchase Slaves from Orions" assignment.
  • Changed "Tribble Bounty" assignment to reward Gold-Pressed Latinum.
  • The Ferasan Nepeta Leaves chain consumable no longer can be used to make Cryo tribbles.
  • The Romulan duty officer N'vek, the Xindi-Arboreal and Ferasan Patriarch now act on assignments properly as a Technician so as to match their active roster designations.
  • Adjusted odds of colonial chains to make uncommon and rarer assignments appear more often.
  • Added new assignments.
  • Increased rewards for "Emergency Shortage" assignments.
  • Resolved bad Marauding assignment that was occasionally giving prisoners of the wrong faction.
  • Updated outcome text on "Resolve Dilithium Dispute" assignment.
  • Resolved bad slotting in "Police Crew on Leave" Second Wave assignment.
  • Resolved bad slotting on some "Shortage" assignments.
  • Adjusted Dilithium rewards upwards for "Execute Mutineer" assignment and updated outcome rigging.
  • Reduced input costs of repeatable version of "Captain's Night" assignment requiring Romulan Ale.
  • Increased frequency of second link of Jem'Hadar story assignment chain appearing.
    • It should both appear more often and in a couple of additional locations.
  • Adjusted duration on granting Marauding; it now correctly matches Diplomatic Immunity.
  • Updated some Development Scientists who didnít have the new Development Scientist active roster power.
  • Corrected some out of date tooltips on the Conn duty officer for Evasive Maneuvers: the tooltips now report the correct chance info with correct durations.
  • Resolved some typos and bad rigging in some assignments.
  • Adjusted the types of CXP granted for some commodity "Shortage" assignments.
  • Reduced the number of data samples granted from anomaly assignments.
  • Assignment to grant Vulcan and Orion Entertainer Hologram duty officers now has a chance of granting both species to both factions.
  • Updated "Secure Trade Route" assignments for rigging and CXP reward types.
  • Resolved an issue with the Andorian Cultural Exchange duty officer assignment.
    • A Klingon somehow snuck into the program - I would expect that from a Romulan, but a Klingon? Very disappointing.

  • Updated the Operation Gamma Leveless Polaron Beam Array for the shuttle so the proc now works as designed.
  • Federation players can now correctly train Bridge Officers in Science Team III.
  • Updated deployed fighters so that they now properly respond to an Attack order after using Recall.
  • Updated descriptions of all C-store Shuttles and Fighters to include Hull and Shield Modifier value.
  • Updated the tooltip for Sub-Zero (Breen) 2-piece set bonus:
    • It now correctly reads "+30% Transphasic Projectile Damage".
  • Federation and Mirror Universe NPC enemy groups now have Odyssey-class dreadnoughts.
  • Removed the Bortas and Odyssey ships from the Tribble test store.
  • Updated description of "Victory is Life" set bonus for Jem'Hadar set:
    • Corrected proc percentage to match actual proc percentage of 1%.
    • Corrected description to include the Cardassian Galor as valid ship to receive this benefit.
  • The Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid weapons no longer get 10x the damage bonus they should have been given.
  • Torpedo consoles now properly only improve their designated torpedo type.
  • Resolved an exploit that allowed players to slot bridge officers of the wrong class into ship stations.

  • There is now a keybind option to clear the rally point for the current target.
  • There is now a keybind option to clear all the rally points.
  • It's now possible to access chat in the ship and character tailors.
  • Tweaked the minimap zoom behavior to better maintain zoom levels across ground maps.
  • The Duty Officer UI now sorts the completed assignment chains to the bottom of the assignment chain list.
  • The amount of space the timer on the Holoemitter icon takes up has been minimized.
  • Incorrect officer icons no longer appear when switching between Department Heads in the Duty Officer window.
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# 2
03-02-2012, 12:50 PM
Update to above Release Notes:

  • Resolved an exploit that allowed players to slot bridge officers of the wrong class into ship stations.

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