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This is for any commentary on the survey I created.

Add your thoughts, add questions that you think should be asked.

And please.. Keep the questions limited to yes/no or multiple choice answers. And please.. this is THE most difficult part. Do not bias the questions! Biased data is BAD data. Not always, but in most cases it is.

Question asking about Projcted features in the future (ie: romulan faction etc) are not a good idea. The concept with htis survey is to get a snapshot of players situation and opinion of the "current" state of the game so that if Cryptic chooses to go this route of actually sending surveys out to players they get meaning full data to assist them in thier decision making process about what to work on in the game.

Bear in mind that numbers and surveys rarely tell the entire story. I've seen companies depend on surveys for thier decision making and utterly fail because they asked biased question in thier survey and discovered to late that what the customers needed and what they wanted were two entirly different things.

The job here is to help discover what the game, and by extention the customer base need.
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............

My Opinion most strongly held is the game NEEDS the KDF content ASAP. Its the rest of the base foundation of a faction based MMO. My personal job is to convince Cryptic that it needs to see what I see, and act on it, knowing full well that resources are limited and must be allocated in such a way that additions and changes get started, progress and finished and into the game in a timely manner. The KDF faction will never have the numbers that the Federation Faction would have. This is not the issue. The issue is having sufficient content for the KDF faction to actually be viable. Currently It Is Not.
WIthout the faction being fleshed out and attactive to the player base it will not keep the numbers required for a meaningfull, persistant, territorial PvEvP "metagame " which would provide the PvP crowd great happiness..

Face it. Arena style combat just isn't cutting it for PvP ok. It's stale, mind bogglingly repetitive and has not significantly changed in months on end.. There are so many other possible space arena scenario's that are simply not implemented. This is NOT World of ********! And this is NOT Starcraft or anything remotely close to a RTS. A better PvP is needed... lets put that Fed Klingon war to use! But first, we need the KDF mission and story content. This is Trek.. Players need to feel like they ARE Klingons... not a fed Fed player doing an OPFOR's exercise with opposing force equipment... which currently accounts for far to many of the KDF player base that does PvP.

....One of those painfull truths that I really hate at the moment.

I'll go post on the PvP forums about possible pvP maps that can be made... On with the show!
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02-26-2012, 02:20 PM
3. What type of content do you primarily prefer in a MMO.
Group play (as in Raids / STF's) .
This option was not in the survey .

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