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03-07-2012, 09:53 AM
ĽKlingon Honor Guard Shield:
◦Proc frequency reduced to max once per 10 seconds.
■This is up from max once per 5 seconds.
◦Proc % chance reduced from 25% to 20%.
Its a start but i still have a wierd taste in my mouth as the 10% damage resistance of the MACO still stands as is ingame and is a constant bonus.

Reduces All Energy Damage to Shields by 10%
When receiving All Energy Damage, applies Power Conduit Link
+2 All Power Settings for 15 sec
but I can live with it.
Lt. Commander
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03-07-2012, 01:40 PM
So I hopped into my fleet escort on my fed character because, let's be honest, the fleet escort is a boss of a ship, and fired up some FvK. I get teamed with a pair of Oddies and Sovereigns. I let out a sigh, but it turns out I find these pilots are actually rather good later, and kudos to them for bringing extend shields. We're up agaisnt a VoQ who is actually really squishy, a raptor and three BoPs, two of which are decked out in toys, so a rather average klingon fleet. Pretty much everyone has MACO or KHG shields.

A massive fracas ensues with aceton assimilators, theta and to'duj fighters everywhere. My allies are doing a pretty admirable job of closing up and cross-healing but so is the enemy on their hit and run, so it's up to me as the only agile ship in the fleet to start scoring kills. I start with the Vo'Q, using my thunderchild's CIWS to instapop all the chaff and he goes down rather easily, but once I start to get in fights with the birds of prey, it starts to become a nightmare.

I like to open up with a heavy gun volley on a pass and finish my enemy with a high yeild quantum volley, but every time (and literally every time, which confused me as it did not do this in my test) the BoP in question would get a placate proc and all of my torpedoes would fail to lock anything, even though they'd fire, they'd just miss entirely, or go into cooldown despite not finishing firing. So I pretty much can't use torpedoes which is honestly pretty key to my killing.

Theta, as bad as it sounds, didn't actually give me a lot of trouble... It was annoying, it's somewhat harder to clear than it should be, but I was able to tank or escape from traps using it, although I burned more deuterium doing so than I was frankly comfortable with.

I guess I need to redo Arina's targetting presets (They dont' save across characters) because I kept having to stop myself from alpha striking aceton assimilators as half of my volley placates me and then switches to the next available enemy (Normally the Aceton he just dropped.) Seeing as my Point Defense Turret is useless agaisnt acetons as it does phaser damage, it's usually-10k'ish hits are doing nothing but being converted to radiation.

It was a really long fight and while we eventually won 15/13, it was quite hectic trying to keep up with everything going on. The fact I survived some of this madness at all has made me seriously start to envy the fleet escort. What a beautiful little ship. I get where you're coming from though, it's not so much overpowered as it is... Eh, toxic? I mean, you CAN fight this stuff, but nobody in their right mind wants to or would find it enjoyable to do so.

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