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# 1 unreasonable skill cap
02-25-2012, 12:06 PM
I feel I have reached the end of my play ability with STO. I can understand the cap on rank. However I can't figure out why, when there is room for character growth that there is a cap on skill points that is reached when the toon reaches admiral. My toon is maxed out rank wise, but skills he is barely a captain. The bridge officers have room for skill increases but now I am unable to increase their skills. I think that aspect of the game needs to be revisited and the characters be allowed to max out their skills. I am contemplating going back to eve online. At least there isn't a cap on skills and the game is pretty much open ended. And no you cant have my stuff.
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# 2
02-26-2012, 10:04 PM
The skill menu gives you a max amount of space and ground points you can spend. If you burn your 300k space skill points before you get to the admiral column you cant train anymore space stuff you have to do ground.

The trick is to spend on ground to save up for space skills in the admiral column.
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# 3
02-26-2012, 11:07 PM
yep, the cap is not ideal.

as to BOFF's, they are planning to add a 5th skill slot. (sto wiki, upcoming content table)

which would mean new ships where you can equip these

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