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Operation Gamma was a cool little shuttle mission, especially with a team of 4 others. I hope we get loads of more of this shuttle type content in the future. I love whole flying inside space stations and inside asteroids...feel very trek too me. Hopefully we get some PVP shuttle missions in the future with more items like micro torpedo's and other things

PVP Fed matches could be very much like this
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02-26-2012, 08:49 PM
Hmm that sounds like an idea. You could mount them in the shuttle's device slot instead of a weapons slot, and they would be roughly equal in power per shot to the regular shuttle photon torpedoes (though maybe with a 10-15 second cooldown instead of 5 seconds). I do hope that they will come in packs of at least 30 shots if they are a mission reward however, but I would not be adverse to having the "micro-torpedo launcher" as the mission item and players could buy ammunition for them from shipyards like we buy batteries.
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02-26-2012, 11:31 PM
I would have liked that torpedoes were a consumable, with launchers improving accuracy, flight time, reload time, and yield. That way you could pack a variety of torpedoes, possibly even change loadouts in the middle of a fight. Unfortunately, that's not the model Cryptic went with.

I do like the idea of S-type microtorps in small craft device slots.

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