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Hey Guys

Im a Tac Looking to get a good DPS setup for my Muti-vector for running STF's

From Reading the forums i have found that Antiproton Weapons are the best damage type to use, so far i have seen crusers running nothing but beam arrays, a TER running nothing but heavy cannons on the front... but from what i understand torpedos do the most haul damage. or should i stick with the weapion setup the ship comes with?

Standered setup
Front: Beam Array / Torpedo / Heavy Cannon / Heavy Cannon
Aft: Beam Array / Torpedo / Torpedo

of corse replace them with Anti-proton and Quantum Torpedos.

or is there a better setup?
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02-29-2012, 11:21 PM
Most cruisers go beam arrays because of their poor turn rates. Yourself, in a much more nimble vessel, you'd be after cannons and/or beam banks, as they do better damage.

I can't offer much actual advice, as I'm a noob ^^;, but that's the reason you see that happening.
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03-01-2012, 06:09 AM
STF Escort Build.

Traditional: (Never go wrong and never look stupid)

Anti Proton or Tetryon Dual Heavy Borg XII x3 in front
Quantum Torp Borg XII x1 in Front
Anti Proton or Tetryon Turrets XII BORG x3 in the Back

Anti Proton Mag Regulator (+26) x 4 in the Tac Spot

BO: CRF III, Torpedo Spread III, Tac Team, and CSV

Issue: Wasted BO spots with Overlapping Cool downs.

Build under Test For me: (Will the Quads give that little extra umph need to run the math.)

Phaser Dual Heavy Borg XII x3 in Front
Quad Cannon (Purchased) x1 in Front
Phaser Turrets Borg XII Borg X3 in Back

Phaser Consoles (+26) x4 in the Tac Spot

Issue: Same Wast BO spots with Overlapping cool downs.

BO, CRF III, CSV II, Tac Team. (Tanking In the Sci Spots, and Weapons Power in Engine)

Not sure about power drain with this config hense why under test.

Alternative. (This is if you Really Love Beams)

Dual Heavys Borg XII x3 in Front (Notice a theme)
Quantum Torp Borg XII x1 in Front

3 Regular Beams in the Back.

Better load on up Beam Over load.

This works really well on Tac cubes, but you have to get close and stay at a corner so that the cannons fire in the front and the beams fire at the back all at once. (Only works because the cubes are so dam big.) But you are sacrificing DPS for the Spheres. So this is a mid mission weapons switch if you really want to max DPS. Also. be prepared to die a lot because you have to get in close to pull this off. This is while you load up with tanking skills in the sci spot. When the TAC targets you, haul *** out of range. I use this on my Kling and dishes out 3000 dps sustained on Tac Cubes off set by the grisly deaths and respawns.

If you are worried about over lapping cool downs with you bridge officers, you can screw around with 2x DHC, 1 Torp, and 1 Dual Beam in the front. I have used this for a long time with some success but I feel the DPS is Lacking.

The measuring stick is if you can take down a cube in Cure Elite by yourself. When you reach this point, you can consider yourself a badass. (Guys in my fleet do this all the time.) Until then keep tinkering. And get to the point that you can build anything or buy anything to keep experimenting. The rules change all the time. FYI. Maco used to be great, now it sucks. Plasma Hybrids rock now but are going to be nerfed next patch. etc. Join a kick *** fleet to test your builds and learn the shifting rules.
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03-01-2012, 11:30 PM
I run this general setup on my three.

quantum(am considering photon)1
Iirc these are my boffs

Tbr 3(?)

This setup is for bad pugs in mind. You support the group by (in ka and cs) by killing optional killers. For infected, the aoe helps clear the gens. The throw shoves the nanite units 15k away or so. I also have the impulse capcitance cell to get from one trouble spot to another.

Things to be careful of with this build is accidently catching an extra gen and popping adds and getting the aggro of all the spheres. With 3 shield Eng doffed your brace fir impact almost becomes a rap. Thus with a resiliant shield, you should be able to tank any individual thing except a tact cube
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03-02-2012, 06:48 AM
I'm running a TER, so the most I can give you is a weapon setup.

A good idea to do is run a subsystem targeting ability a DBB on the front with two DHC and a a crafted quantum. the back, run 3 turrets. Make sure the energy damage is Polaron. Then, aquire the dominion set from the latest feature episode, which increases Polaron damage. Finally, hope you proc when targveting the subsystem, and you'll have one dead target, especially in a group with another escort on steriods. You knock out their shields with the subsystem targeting, and they are easy pickings unless they have an eng team or EPtS off CD

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