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I really like the extra benefits associated with certain of the Commendation tiers.

For example, Tier 2-4 Diplomacy/Marauding comes with Transwarp locations, and Tier 3 allows travel into the other faction's home sector.

Military, Engineering, and Medical allow you to create Holographic DO's. I think Development is supposed to let you create Entertainers (?), but it doesn't show up in the rank descriptions.

I would like to see other Commendation tiers get appropriate benefits, too. It seems the only benefit the other categories get are titles and DO's from the DO store.

For example, I think that ranking up in Trade ought to allow travel to any sector (as an alternative path to ranking up in Diplomacy or Marauding) and possibly discounted vendor prices on Commodities.

Espionage might also allow travel to any sector. That seems like an unnecessary duplication, but it fits thematically. Seems like it needs more, but I don't have any simple ideas for it.

Ranking up in Science might provide some kind of a bonus to Crafting, either to reduce costs or perhaps to improve R&D points gained through Crafting.

Ranking up in Exploration might improve criticals on Assignments that reward data samples. Maybe eventually unlocking new exploration sectors, even? Or the ability to transwarp directly to one of the existing exploration sectors (that are accessible to both factions)?

Along similar lines, maybe ranking up in Colonial would also permit transwarping directly to an existing exploration sector? Reduced commodity costs on colonial missions to reflect efficiency?

Other ideas, anyone?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-02-2012, 11:45 PM
A convenient addition to the UI would be be a replicator button next to the start assignment button.

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