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03-07-2012, 01:55 AM
298) "Split-laning" through a crowded anchorage while making motorcycle / pod racer / hoverbike noises is prohibited
299) 25th Century Starfleet ballistic armor and leather-esque uniforms are not to be resold on the civilian market as motorcycle or hoverbike gear
300) I will not tell recon science vessel captains to get rid of their bulky mission pods and outfit their ships as heavy Fleet Escorts with Jem'Hadar combat drives and polaron weapons 'for greater pwnage'
301) Not allowed to try and get better ship and equipment requisitions from Klingon Defence Force High Command by turning up for video conferences in gothic lolita costume...
302) Not allowed to trade my Hog for a Rear Admiral's ship requisition token (I just sold my bike and can now afford a whole fleet of VA ships actually )
303) When administering Starfleet Academy exams, the phrase "If you don't know the answer, I slap you" is not a proper motivational comment
304) Selling Duty Officers on the Orion Slave Exchange is prohibited
305) Emailing Duty Officers to myself in order to store them for future use is also not allowed
306) Likewise for Bridge Officer trading, it's apparently against human rights to barter my officers for food, water, and other provisions.
307) Not allowed to attach some random guy's Tactical Escort to the ventral section of my Star Cruiser to make it to-spec with the latest Odyssey & BortaS class trends.
308) In addition to 307, non-consensual docking of any kind is prohibited.

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