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02-28-2012, 04:48 AM
Star Trek online must be in my PC , my first words when i saw the game .
After 2 hours of playing and some of nerd rage i was started to like this game and from then im Vice Admiral Plox , then my friends tell me that STO is not good like EVE online and i was like...........EVE ONLINE CAN SUCK IT !!!!!!!.
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02-28-2012, 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by hasafras
I am being dead serious. Can anyone say something good about this game without the obligatory "I like this but..."? Is like this thread to be dedicated to that. There are plenty of QQ threads out there, you can even start your own. For this thread let's hear the stuff cryptic has gotten right - and that's it. I'm not being forced to play this game and I certainly haven't bought a game that has kept me this entertained for this long - ever. I feel no need to spend any money on it but have chosen to. So, with that, I will start:
The space combat is intense and easily, hands down, my number one favorite part of this game. There's just so much to learn. I've never played a game where I strived to be better at it.
Some of the missions I have played have been freaking intense and I loved them. I typically don't enjoy replaying missions but the vault, the assault on DS9 and coleseum (ive know that isn't spelled right bit I blame my phone and dyslexia) come to mind.
The foundry seems like the coolest idea ever for an online game. I am saving that for later, if I ever get bored shooting borg for dil.
All in all I feel the balance is pretty darn good for free to play. I don't feel I need to play to win and that makes spending money on the game feel like i am supporting it rather than trying to get a foot up.
The look of the game is pretty impressive and I feel it will only get better. The architecture in the vault was just WOW. I spent ten minutes just flying around outside.
So that's what I got in the small amount of time I have for my break. Anyone else want to show some positive feedback?
i am also being 'dead serious' that this is a QQ response just as much as the other thread since its implied that you dont like moaners and would like to get some positive influence rolling. its a matter of prespective and generally anyone who responds to such things usually end up on the same end of the stick. best bit is not be 'forced' into making a new thread about it and continue to drag it through the mud.

as far as positive infleunce on the game? i like the bio warhead the klinks have, the carrier Bop attack pets and their lethal attack damage as well as the chaos both causes, apart from that nohing else interests me on the game. so thats where my positive side on the game ends.
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02-28-2012, 05:20 AM
i am also being 'dead serious' that this is a QQ response just as much as the other thread since its implied that you dont like moaners and would like to get some positive influence rolling
this. OP, if you have to make a thread like this you should stop and think about why so many others are negative. this game isn't going toward a good place right now and hasn't been since day one. every time they do end up getting something right they have a habit of doing 3 or 4 other things that screw it up in some way. among other things.

there will be 'positive threads' when theres a reason to be positive.I introduced 7 people to this game when F2P hit. all 7 were disgusted and said pretty much the same thing - that the game 'looked ok when you first got it, until you actually played a few days and realized it was utter crap.' needless to say I won't be introducing this game, nor saying anything good about it to people again, it makes me look like an idiot when I do.
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02-28-2012, 06:07 AM
1- The music is and always has been really great to me.
1a- If you don't like the music, the music player functionality in this game let's you use your own itunes or whatever your computer has to play your own music.
1b- That means you can play your own star trek soundtracks from whatever star trek you love to make this game totally get that trek vibe.

2- The Odyssey was the winner of a design a ship contest. That's pretty cool.

3- The featured episodes are fun.

4- The initial idea of the featured episodes (presented as weekly "episodes" of an ongoing television series, and totally given the feel and story drive of a trek episode) was probably the most amazing development I've seen this game take, period. In one fell swoop they captured everything TREK about a Trek game. And they created a way to evolve an end-game that wasn't reliant on dragon raids like previous, fantasy-based, MMORPGs. Granted they got away from that, but that is still something I will praise the game for attempting to do.

5- Pakleds joined the federation. The make Starfleet GO!

6- The "busy work" in this game can sometimes feel very much like standard Trek like elements.

7- The Klingon Opera in the Doomsday mission remaster.

8- The storyline of the game initially, was really tight, really focused and really amazing. Going from helping Miral Paris, to meeting the Guardian of Forever alllllllllllllll the way to Q in Borg Space, with smatterings of the Undine war, was just really well done.

9- Time travel.

10- Quinto and Nimoy voice overs.

There's a top 10 off the top o' my head.

You must understand that much of what I love about the game is still in the game. And new players will discover that stuff. And love it too.

But it's been 2 years and a lot of what they've done since has fallen short of the bar they already set.

Hence the criticism.

They gave us X. A lot of us LOVED X. We want X+1. They are now instead giving us Y.
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02-28-2012, 06:12 AM
It's a scifi MMO in a vast ocean of fantasy MMOs.

That's the only plus I got that doesn't sound derogatory in any way. :p
Oh and it currently got tacoderrière. Everybody loves the tacoderrière.
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02-28-2012, 06:37 AM
I think that the game has a lot of really good qualities!!!

The Space combat is good as far as arcade games go, although, it isn't as Trek-like as say, Bridge Commander or even better, Klingon Academy! Your ship doesn’t take damage that effects your subsystems in any real way and you can instantly heal in battle, something that I wish would change! However, it is an arcade style space combat system!!!!! Just remember that and it can be fun.

The Duty officer system is rather a simple and ingenious way of allowing you “control” over your crews assignments and duties. I think from now on all Star Trek space games should use a system like it. With some more improvements to the duty officer system, I see the player being able to do more things ship-wide in the future. Like, assigning duty officers to repair damage to your ship that was received in combat on an elite style mission!

The fast episodes! I think the fast episodes or mission in the game are great, even though very often they lack any thought whatsoever from the player. Some of the re-mastered missions are really awesome though, and I encourage you to play them.
The game is also really great for roleplaying. Find a group to role-play with and really trek it up!
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02-28-2012, 06:48 AM
I like the Duty Officers, Space PvP (ships are pretty!), and flying around with friends and enemies. I also like that if they ever get the resources to fix the ridiculous number of things that are broken this game has the potential to be even better.
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02-28-2012, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by decronia
Do you phone any of your utility companies when things are going well to say "well done good job you're doing there"? Likelyhood is no you don't you will however as soon as something goes wrong. As with anything it has its' good points and its' bad.

However complaints mainly are about things that need a fix or some improvement. For example the KDF side of levelling and PvE play is a tad on the barren side, so the more people that get behind complaints on it the more likely it is to be improved. I know it has been like it for a while, but they have had an influx of players who are f2p but will spend money on items, so if they get behind it too then you never know.
Do you choose to have utilities? Do they create those utilities for your entertainment? Could you imagine working in an environment where the only thing you saw was negative comments? As a fairly new player just seeing the good people are experiencing in this game feels good. How do think the random dev who sees this might feel? I'm an artist, I airbrushed on cars, motorcycles, etc. I've dealt with all manner of impossible to please customer. The negative customers stuck harder than just one person being wowed by what I was doing. This is a game, built by people I imagine dealt some Passion about it at one point. I can speak from the experience of a creative field when I say that it gets old at some point in time. It gets old to only hear complaints, to hope to god that next check clears so you can pay rent. I'm hoping a thread like this, small chance that it may, will have a positive effect. Again, and I hope to god this gets through, if you want to complain, there are plenty of threads for that. This section of the forums does NOT say "complaints only, positive feedback not alowed". In the amount of time its taken people to write how... what, pointless this thread is, they could have mentioned what they enjoyed. If its impossible for yoi to, for once, say somethong positive about the game perhaps its time to give something else a try. Utilities? That's the comparison? What are you leveling up your outlets? How does that even make sense?
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02-28-2012, 07:35 AM
My only real complaint about the game is that I could spend a whole day playing it and not even realise. Not that I actually get that sort of time to spend online, but that isn't the point.

I absolutely love having a created character to command my favorite class of starship.
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02-28-2012, 08:59 AM
I have to thank everyone for posting the positive feedback. It's good to see others are enjoying the game more than hating it. As for the others, well, I'm sorry this thread bothered you so much. I'm very glad you took the time to tell us all that it did though. But I gotta ask, if even the very idea of posting positive feedback on this game bothers some folks so much, why on earth would you still play it?
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