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# 1 Project Ares
02-28-2012, 12:41 PM
ok let me preface this by saying that I do alot of RP in the game and this build as well as the sister ship builds came about as the result... now the Ares Class is based on the Tactical Escort Retrofit but the outward appearance uses the Vigilant Hull and Pylons and the Saopaulo Saucer and Nacelles, (that gives you an idea as to what it looks like (this build is pretty effective in STF's and Elite STF's it also works well in PVP)

Ares Class Next Evoloution Tactical Escort
NX-99270 USS Ares (Pathfinder)
Length: 180 meters
Width: 90 Meters
Height: 24 meters
Top Speed: Warp 10 (sustainable for 6 hours)

Shuttle Compliment:
1 Yellowstone Class Runabout (for rapid deployment of the MACO unit strictly for RP no actual ingame use)

Crew Compliment:
50 crew, Officers included
12 MACO Troopers (can be as High as 24 with 12 being used to enhance ships security forces)

3 Dual Heavy Cannon Arrays Forward
2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers 1 Forward 1 Aft
2 Beam Arrays Aft

Deflector: Omega Class Mk XI
Impulse: Omega Class Mk XI
Shields: Omega Class Mk XI (the set abilities from this actually gives me 3 things to do to you.... Disruptor De-buff, Plasma DOT, and the Tetryone Shield stripping not to mention the gravitic anchor)

Electroceramic Diburnium Hull Armor
Cloaking Device

this is the First of a new Generation of Tactical Escorts,
the following information lists the energy types utilized by the 99270 and her sister ships, any differences in tech or gear will be noted

NX-99270 U.S.S. Ares
Utilizes Plasma-Disruptor Hybred Cannons and beam arrays

the following ships are listed as they are ships in the serise played by friends in a roleplay fashion but also do STF's and Elite STF's well

NCC-99271 U.S.S. Guenhyvar
Utilizes Plasma-Disruptor Hybred Cannons and beam arrays
Utilizes the Aegis Deflector, Impulse, and Shields

NCC-99272 U.S.S. Amphitrite
Utilizes Phaser Cannons, Quad Cannons, and Turret Arrays
Also utilizes Transphasic Torpedo Launchers
Utilizes Class XI MACO Deflector, Impulse, and Shields

NCC-99273 U.S.S. Athena
Utilizes Plasma-Disruptor Hybred Cannons and Beam Arrays
Utilizes Assimilated Deflector, Impulse, and Shields (console too)

NCC-99274 U.S.S. Anahita
Utilizes Plasma-Disruptor Hybred Cannons and Beams
Utilizes Mk XI Omega Deflector, Impulse, and Shields

these are the first five ships of the Ares Class.... most technical details are identical until we get to thier weapons....

the Hybred weapons were a gift from the Klingon Empire, specifically for this ship class.....

this class makes use of a modular design that makes the replacement of weapons and repairs on the hull much easier decreasing the time spent in spacedock for repair and refit..... which is why you might see different weapons systems on different ships of the class
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# 2
02-28-2012, 08:08 PM
well with the big NERF of the Hybreds its time to go back to the drawing board flush this weapons loadout down the tubes

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