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# 11
03-01-2012, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I'm gonna have to side with Rock. Level the field completely in the Arenas and CnH ques and leave it up to skill.
Keep the Open zones as is (but fix the damned spawn points)
I was a big fan of the idea of being able to customize rulesets for private challenges, so that you could simply restrict what powers could be usable in a match without necessary forcing it on people just messing around in the public queues.

And now with the technology they've implemented for basically having open player-created lobbies for STFs, this feature could be very easily copied to the pvp system, so that players in the pvp community could more easily find matches against opponents at their level with like-minded philosophies about how to test their skill against one another. It works pretty great for the fighting game community, for instance, and I think it could be adapted well enough for STO were the devs inclined to do so.

It would give everyone interested in pvp something to have fun with while not really stepping on anyone's toes.
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# 12 GG Klink Pets
03-09-2012, 03:24 PM
Yer your right endless pets, Bio weapons, modules and claoks that means once you have loccked them you immedaitetly lose it, at just a press of a button, PvP against the klinks is now pointless! i have done PvP from the birth of the game firstly as a klink and now as as a fed and it hasnt got better fror the feds its got much worsse!

In the last 2 weeks i started another fed tact all the way from cadet to RA i could kick any klinks ***, and iam talking thier escorts, you get to VA and suddenly a couple of the players that i could defeat easily are now a lot harder. Yes at Va they get all thier goodies which gives em the advatage.

Then you got the same old crap from the klinks BOPs are easy to kill Lalalal yer right, i flew one, now thiere even harder, i got a bop down to 10% in my sci ship he ran fater than Mr H Bolt i chased he came back delaoked lost my lock on him, by now he was back to 90%, got the better of him he didndt run but he claoked with his cheesy BC i senosor scanned with 120% auxillary and max skils he didnt even show.

Then in an escort i hit another BOP with weapons on 129% 3 heavy cannoans fire on my mark strike patter Beta tatctical team 1 and i just got through is shield from 3km. The guy started to go down eventaully he ran (another H Bolt) kept with him until he hit Claok and survived.

Now i am not saying its not right for him to run done it myself in a bop. But its not possible for a defaint to be chased and simply get out of jail by hitting a BC.

Now if BOPs were that crap then how come of all the escorts the klinks have that is by far the popular? Fact is people will fly the ship that will give them the best result and when it comes down to it its the BOP yes the ship theklinks tell you is easy to kill. Personally i would urge all fed pvpers to bouycot fed klink PvP. let the klinks come and fly fed ships like most of them say they do.
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That being said, it doesn't look like we are going to have much luck on the pets in PvP bit. Especially given some of the special powers that the C-Store flag ships will have with them. It's only getting worse.

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